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Imagine calculating all of your trading profits and losses adjusted for wash sales, from multiple brokerage accounts, in about an hour.

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Brokerage 1099-Bs are not adequate for tax reporting.

Wash sale rules are different for taxpayers than for brokers. In addition, 1099-Bs are not consistent across brokers, and many contain serious errors.


Watch this video to see how TradeLog helps you avoid overpaying or underpaying your taxes.

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Customer Testimonials

"TradeLog is the only trade accounting program on the market that our CPA's are comfortable using at tax time when we sign your income tax return."

— Robert A. Green, CPA

"TradeLog has made this monumental task possible. All aspects are superb. One of the best experiences I have ever had. Your documentation, tutorials, knowledge and insight into the tax process and implications, even the clarity of the sign-up process. The best software support and response that I have experienced. And I've learned a lot."

— M. Freehill

"My taxes would be so difficult without TradeLog. The more I use it the more amazed at what it can do. When I send in my taxes to the IRS I feel confident that I can back up my reporting and know that it is correct."

— M. Wilson

Join the many thousands of traders who filed a smarter tax return with TradeLog.

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