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About Cogenta Computing Inc.

Cogenta Computing, Inc. began operations in 2016 and completed the purchase of TradeLog® Software from Armen Computing Ltd. in 2017.

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Timothy Terzian, President of Cogenta Computing, Inc.
Timothy Terzian
President & CEO
Cogenta Computing, Inc.

Tim is an active trader with over 30 years of experience investing in stocks, options, currency index and energy futures and is uniquely familiar with the challenges of trader taxation. He has personally used TradeLog® software extensively to analyze his trading performance and ensure maximum gains over the years. Timothy serves as President and CEO of Cogenta Computing, Inc.

Noreen Terzian, Vice-President of Cogenta Computing, Inc.
Noreen Terzian
Cogenta Computing, Inc.

From providing technical support, marketing and beta testing for the developer of TradeLog software as far back as 2004 to more recently serving as an independent TradeLog® Approved Service Provider, Noreen has extensive experience in using the software and helping traders to understand IRS law unique to their personal trading situation. Noreen serves as Vice-President of Cogenta Computing, Inc.

Our corporate offices are located in Atlanta, Georgia with customer service locations in South Carolina.

We are a company focused on providing the most accurate and reliable tax accounting software for active traders and investors, along with the best technical support experience for our users. We partner with brokers, advisors, CPAs, and other industry professionals in order to continually improve our software and to provide valuable tax and trading resources for our customers.

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Cogenta Computing, Inc.
158 Wexford Dr.
Newnan, GA 30265

Timothy N. Terzian
President & CEO

Noreen F. Terzian