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How Traders Are Using Digital Currency

cryptocurrencyDigital currency was originally created to replace traditional currency, like the US Dollar. But as fascinating as that is, traders are utilizing digital currency in special ways with the goal of profiting from this new market. Learn how traders are really using Digital Currency, and how you can get started...

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Tags: Digital Currency, trading

Trader Tips: Succeeding as a New Trader

Every trader wants to be successful, but learning how to succeed as a new trader can be challenging. We asked two experienced traders what advice they would give for success. Here's what they had to say...

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Tags: Trader Tips, Active Trading

Understanding the Buzz About Digital Currency

Digital Currency.Have you wondered what all the buzz about digital currency really means? Cryptocurrency, virtual currency, Bitcoin - what are they and what are the pros and cons? Find out the answers to those questions and more...

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Tags: Digital Currency, trading

Get to Know the TradeLog Team

Get to Know the TradeLog TeamWe have put together a rockstar team to assist you, with almost 70 years of combined industry experience! TradeLog’s team is comprised of educated, experienced, multilingual individuals with varied backgrounds who pride themselves on delivering a solid software product and valuable customer experience. Meet the real live smiles from some of our team members who you interact with on a regular basis...

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Improved TradeLog Support for Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs)

Let's talk about ETNs. The trader world continues to evolve with new trading products and the interpretation of tax rules to go with them. Exchange-traded notes (ETNs) have come under more scrutiny by tax experts in recent years, especially the treatment of volatility ETNs which have become very popular products. Recent improvements to TradeLog Software provide enhanced support for traders of ETNs.

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Tags: Trader Taxes, ETN

Important Tax Dates for 2018

Ready or not, tax day is coming! Take note of the important dates below for your 2017 tax return, and don't procrastinate. What do you need to prepare your trader tax reporting? We'll answer that question also...

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Tags: Wash Sales, 1099-B, 2017 Taxes