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1099-B Reconciliation Woes

Very few of the 2014 1099-Bs will reconcile with TradeLog due to the different ways brokers are interpreting what should be reported, and what should not be reported. There is simply no standardization from one broker to the next.

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Reporting Cash Settled Exercise for Section 1256 Contracts

Learn how to report the cash settled exercise of a Section 1256 contract for IRS tax reporting.

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Adjusting for Google Stock Dividend (aka "Split")

The April 2014 Google stock dividend affects many TradeLog users, and is not the easiest corporate action adjustment. Our support team has provided some specific instructions and guidance to assist TradeLog users with the necessary adjustments to their trade history.

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'Tis the Season to Pay Your Taxes From Trading

The 2014 tax season is rapidly coming to an end, and many stock and option traders are scrambling to complete an accurate IRS Form 8949 for reporting their capital gains and losses on Schedule D. Misinformation abounds when it comes to trader taxes. What do you need to know?

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One IRS Instruction Has Massive Implications for Traders

One sentence changes everything. You may think completing Form 8949 for Schedule D is pretty straight forward, but the majority of active traders are affected by one instruction which has some massive implications. We'll reveal this instruction and explain three situations in which it affects most traders. And we'll tell you about the implications you need to be aware of.

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Adjusting for AAPL Split in TradeLog

The June 9th AAPL stock split affects many TradeLog users. Our support team has put together these specific instructions to help you easily adjust for the split of stock and option positions in your TradeLog trade history.

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Filtering with Basic Find Commands

TradeLog offers a range of useful filters for trade analysis. In this second part of our series of tips, you will learn about simple Find functions that will help you quickly isolate certain types of securities or certain types of records.

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Three Important TradeLog Tips After Finishing Your Tax Reporting

If you finished your 2013 trader tax reporting with TradeLog, congratulations! But before you forget about 2013 completely, there are a few things we recommend you do in order to avoid any future disasters.

Every year we have users of TradeLog contact us because their hard drive crashed, their computer was stolen, they accidentally deleted (or just can't find) their data files, or their files somehow became corrupted. When events like these occur, it can be extremely difficult to restore what was lost. And since you may have had positions and wash sale deferrals carried over from one tax year to the next, that information is critical in order to complete your next tax year accurately!

Our support staff has three suggestions that may protect you in case such a disaster strikes:

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Four Features of Reliable, Ultra-Fast Trading Computers

If you're like most traders, technology is something you need, but not something you should have to worry about. What traders really need is an ultra-fast, reliable computer to handle all their trading needs - from running trading platforms to TradeLog software. What makes a computer reliable and fast? We asked Eddie Z of EZ Trading Computers to help us answer that question and provide some of the minimum requirements for a good trading computer. Here are the four features he explained:

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Filing 2013 Trader Tax Reporting - Information and Dates

2014 is here, which means it is time to start thinking about filing 2013 taxes - not the most exciting task, we know.

The good news is there are no major changes to IRS requirements this year! But there are some updates to IRS forms and instructions as well as other important information you should know. In this post we have put together a collection of information active traders need to know, as well as links to many resources available to help active traders with tax reporting.

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