Back to School for TradeLog Users

Published: October 4, 2011
Tagged: TradeLog Tips

School students and TradeLog users share something in common: upon returning from a brief but a relaxing hiatus, both groups have to reacquaint themselves with the fundamentals of their subjects. To assist in this regard, good teachers provide a curriculum that serves as a guide so the student knows what to expect and how to apply what they’ve learned. Likewise we have provided a guide to necessary TradeLog curriculum for you...

Tradelog’s curriculum is outlined when users first open the program. A quick start guide including 8 steps for new users and 7 steps for existing users is provided. Furthermore, an interactive quick start panel assists new users. The panel follows each step accordingly and changes when a specific step is completed. For more detail on each step, we have additional information on our website.

Some students will tell you that they prefer a teacher who actually shows or demonstrates an example of a problem to their class or walks through the steps of finding a solution to that problem. TradeLog users can visually see every step of the quick start guide in organized video tutorials! These videos are designed so that users can get will be acclimated to the procedures and functions of the software. You can now view all TradeLog tutorials on our YouTube channel. This means that these videos are not limited to your PC. They can be streamed on your Tablet, Smartphone, or any other internet ready devices that support YouTube.

During the course of the year, some students will find that they need extra assistance in certain subjects. TradeLog users are encouraged to contact our support team during normal business hours in order to get help from trained representative. This is recommended after using the above resources. TradeLog’s support team will help you resolve the problem at hand.

With tax season right around the corner, why not get a jump start with your copy of the TradeLog software? Utilize the resources that we provide in order to make a smooth transition into the next tax year and file your taxes. Familiarize yourself with the tools and features of the program, so that each year it will become easier to use. As always, we thank you for your support and hope you and your loved ones have a happy school year!

Please note: This information is provided only as a general guide and is not to be taken as official IRS instructions. Cogenta Computing, Inc. does not make investment recommendations nor provide financial, tax or legal advice. You are solely responsible for your investment and tax reporting decisions. Please consult your tax advisor or accountant to discuss your specific situation.