Get to Know the TradeLog Team

Published: June 4, 2018
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We have put together a rockstar team to assist you, with almost 70 years of combined industry experience! TradeLog’s team is comprised of educated, experienced, multilingual individuals with varied backgrounds who pride themselves on delivering a solid software product and valuable customer experience.

Meet the real live smiles of some the team members you may interact with on a regular basis:

Noreen Terzian – Vice President

Noreen TerzianNoreen hails from Toronto. During one winter when the Canadians were flying south in their usual “V” formation, she took a detour that landed her in South Carolina. There she began providing technical support, marketing, and beta testing for the developer of TradeLog software. She began serving as an independent TradeLog Approved Service Provider to help traders to understand IRS law unique to their personal trading situation. Thirteen years later, this led to the natural progression of becoming the VP of TradeLog, developed by Cogenta Computing, for whom she is also co-owner.

When Noreen is not perusing tax law, you can find her immersed in a Michael Crichton thriller, with her nose stuck in a Jane Austen novel, or solving a crime alongside John Grisham. Noreen also loves to cook, and she touts herself as being a “serious foodie”.

Seeing as how she originally comes from the Great White North, it’s no surprise that Noreen loves the ocean. She enjoys watching the waves, and also watching the Slam Dunk Contest during the NBA All-Star Weekend every year.

Running TradeLog takes teamwork, and we are glad to have Noreen as our coach!

Jason Derbyshire – Business Development

Jason DerbyshireJason first learned to appreciate the value of taking care of customers back when he was a teenager working in the hospitality industry. He went on to pursue a college education in accounting, and subsequently held various positions encompassing account management, consulting on document management solutions, managing international purchasing and print buying, and working with product development. For the better part of 10 years, Jason has been putting to good use his varied experience in problem-solving, customer service, marketing, technology, and accounting, working with TradeLog.

Jason grew up all over the USA – from Indiana to Kansas, Colorado and Florida – however he found “home” in the Carolinas. For the past two decades as a Carolinian, he has enjoyed getting outside whenever possible. He and his wife love hiking, kayaking, and just exploring all that nature has to offer.

In the event of a midlife crisis, you will probably find Jason operating his own bakery. Although he loves cooking in general, he is especially passionate about baking! There’s just something about pummeling some dough that he finds a major stress relief.

We hope Jason doesn’t change careers anytime soon; we sure do “knead” him here at TradeLog!

Mark Blackston – Chief Software Engineer

Mark BlackstonMark is a pure bred Southern boy, born and raised in South Carolina. He loves college football and his family, sometimes in that order.

Mark has always been a whiz. Although he had humble beginnings, making caramel popcorn in a mall as a teen, his career path took off after graduating from college. Over the past 34 years, Mark has funded the “travel bug” by working as a quality engineer and automation engineer, blue print technician, and computer programmer. When we found out that Mark could remember Pi to the 11th decimal place, we knew he’d make a great addition to the company in 2014.

During the “off season”, Mark has jetted to opposite ends of the Earth. His travels have taken him to Mexico, Taiwan, Canada, France, Puerto Rico, China, England, Germany, and Spain. What is even more remarkable is that he can find the nearest bathroom in the spoken language of all those lands.

We are privileged to have a brain like Mark on our crew!

Melina Triplett – Senior Support Specialist

Melina TriplettGrowing up in Heidelberg, Germany, Melina’s younger years are what dreams are made of. She had the opportunity to travel to several European countries such as the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, and to East Germany shortly after the wall came down in 1989. She has visited countless castles and majestic palaces. Melina is fluent in German, English, speaks some French, and a bit of Russian, and she is also good friends with Author Beverly Broadus-Green, aka Snoop Dogg’s mom. We are officially jealous!

Her white-collar work history includes occupations such as Administrative Assistant, Accounting Clerk, and Technical Inventory Specialist. However, her tech support side really started blooming in these positions as she became the “go-to” girl for all minor computer issues. For the past 9 years, she has been making your TradeLog dreams come true by providing assistance with your trader taxes. Melina is a technical support guru, and serves as a TradeLog Approved Service Provider, lending her expertise in the trader tax field to help you file timely and accurate trading reports that are in compliance with current IRS regulations. It’s no wonder she enjoys puzzles so much; sometimes taxes can be quite the challenge!

Off the clock, Melina enjoys attending car shows with her husband, and loves listening, singing, and dancing to music with her daughter. She appreciates food from all corners of the earth and will try just about anything, including dried crickets. She also finds delight in learning about the history of the mundane things in life.

Melina is our own European gem, and we are happy to see her skills shining here at TradeLog!

Renee Suarez – Customer and Technical Support Representative

Renee SuarezRenee spent 30 trips around the sun living up North before deflecting to the Good Ole South for warmer weather. Renee’s love of helping customers started almost twenty years ago, while waitressing in high school. Since then, she’s served as a Telephone Service Representative in behalf of companies such as AT&T and Equifax, and maintained customer relations, confidentiality, and professionalism in various Customer Service & Administrative Assistant roles throughout New York City and Northeast Pennsylvania. Although she would have rather made her livelihood at training dolphins to play her favorite game Monopoly, she ultimately chose the stable and predictable world of taxes instead.

In her free time, you’ll most likely find Renee playing with her dog, tending to her garden, or re-watching a favorite movie. (Right now, it’s “The Greatest Showman” on perpetual repeat.) Renee loves eating seafood, and can tell you the best joints up and down the Eastern Coast. Renee enjoys traveling and exploring new places with her husband, while bringing friends and family along for the experience through photo vlogs. Her wanderlust has taken her to the tropical beaches of Hawaii, the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, to sloth sanctuaries in Central America, and to countless Caribbean nations. Her dream is to head Down Under for a close encounter with a wallaby.

We’re happy to have Renee as our newest addition to the TradeLog support team!

Please note: This information is provided only as a general guide and is not to be taken as official IRS instructions. Cogenta Computing, Inc. does not make investment recommendations nor provide financial, tax or legal advice. You are solely responsible for your investment and tax reporting decisions. Please consult your tax advisor or accountant to discuss your specific situation.