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Surviving the Tax Season - The What, Why and How of Corporate Actions

A discussion of what the more common mandatory actions are, why companies choose to execute these events and how TradeLog users can effectively and accurately account for these actions on their trader tax forms.

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Reporting Cash Settled Exercise for Section 1256 Contracts

Learn how to report the cash settled exercise of a Section 1256 contract for IRS tax reporting.

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Adjusting for Google Stock Dividend (aka "Split")

The April 2014 Google stock dividend affects many TradeLog users, and is not the easiest corporate action adjustment. Our support team has provided some specific instructions and guidance to assist TradeLog users with the necessary adjustments to their trade history.

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Adjusting for AAPL Split in TradeLog

The June 9th AAPL stock split affects many TradeLog users. Our support team has put together these specific instructions to help you easily adjust for the split of stock and option positions in your TradeLog trade history.

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