TradeLog Tip: Send Files to Support

Published: October 4, 2011
Tagged: TradeLog Tips

Next time you need support with a problem in your TradeLog file, here is a trick for best results: use the Send Files to Support function which is built right into the software and found in the Help menu. This function allows you to send our support team the file you are currently working on along with a message about the problem you are having!

Oftentimes our support team needs to review your data file in order to fully understand a scenario that you have. Rather than trying to attach the file to an email, or submit online, you can use the Send Files to Support function for safe and easy delivery. The support team will review your file and the problem you are having and respond via email or by phone with the help you need! Their goal is to respond within one hour during normal business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is my data file safe and secure? YES, your message is sent via email to our support team and your data file is uploaded to a secure, password protected location. When the support agent is ready to work on your case they can retrieve the file.

Is my personal information safe, such as my broker account password or social security number? YES, brokerConnect login information is encrypted in the data file. Only a TradeLog team member with authorized clearance can un-encrypt that information with your permission. And we never store your social security number or EIN number in the data file. This information is encrypted and stored within your PC.

Do you keep a backup of my TradeLog file? NO, we do not keep a backup of your TradeLog file. Files are removed from our secure servers and deleted after use. An agent may keep a data file available if your support case is still open and may require further assistance. But keeping a backup is your responsibility!

To learn more about getting TradeLog technical support, see our Online User Guide for more information.

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