TradeLog Trick: Updating TradeLog

Published: January 11, 2012
Tagged: TradeLog Tips

Updating your TradeLog software is very important. Here are some reasons why, as well as tricks for keeping your software up-to-date easily:

TradeLog updates may include:

Not all updates are critical, sometimes an update is made to fix an isolated problem. However, when critical updates are made your software should notify you of the need to update your software. Of course if you haven't used the software in many months it would be a good idea to go ahead and update before using again!

Updating Tricks:

Note - You must have an active TradeLog subscription to update your software.

Trick #1 - From the software Status Bar

Most users will receive notification of an available update when they open their TradeLog software. The Status Bar at the bottom of the TradeLog window will inform you if there is an update available. Simply click on that status bar to proceed with updating your software!

Screen shot of update trick 1

Trick #2 - From the Help Menu

You can update TradeLog anytime by going to the Help menu, and choosing the Update option. TradeLog will then download the most recent update and install on your computer. If you have not used TradeLog in a few months or more, it would be a good idea to go ahead and run the update this way!

Screen shot for method 2

Update Trick #3 - From the Web

You can also update your software anytime using the TradeLog website. Go to www.tradelogsoftware.com then under the Support menu choose Download latest update to go directly to the update page. You will need to put in your contact information and active reg code on the form, then you will be able to access the setup file for the update. This process is more tedious, but if you happen to need to reinstall your software you can go here anytime to do so!

Screen shot for update trick 3

Need help updating? Contact our support department anytime you need assistance updating TradeLog or any other technical issue!

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