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The following are unsolicited testimonials from many of our users to help you understand the value of TradeLog tax software for active traders, and the level of support we provide:


TradeLog has developed a fantastic program for individual traders that has taken the headache out of year end tax reporting. But the best thing is the customer service... Thank you TradeLog and Joey. You have made my life so much easier.

— G. Graphia


You've saved my hide two years in a row now. Last year it was Turbotax telling me "you seem to have more than 3000 trades... please go away". Panic! Fortunately Tradelog could import the whole bunch and prepare a schedule D-1 that could happily co-exist with TurboTax.

In 2008 I day-traded some symbols and, after the fact, my broker sends me a letter: "sorry, we can't properly track all those trades". My 2008 Supplemental Information (yeah, from you know who) includes 7 pages of trades with basis "unknown" and Gain/Loss "unknown". Panic! TradeLog sorted it all out. No sweat.

Tradelog is partly so wonderful because it relies on the broker for so little... just give it the history and it figures the rest out. Correctly. I was able to deal with changing company names and symbols. Deal with expired otpions. My 1099-B reconciliation reports matched the broker exactly both years. I have confidence in what I'm telling the IRS about several thousand trades.

I'm not only satisfied, I'm suitably impressed.

— J. Ball

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Hey, just wanted to drop you a quick note. I was pretty hesitant to drop the $120 on your software for 1 year, but I gave it a shot, and I was really impressed. It took what would have been a multi-day, error-prone job and simplified it to a few minutes of work. This year I was just about at the 600 trade number, and for 2010 it will likely be quite a bit higher. I trade in and out of the same stocks frequently, so I generate a lot of wash sales. Tradelog is easily worth the money. I can now feel confident filing my taxes that wash sales are correctly calculated. Thanks again for a great product.

— M.R. Dorozenski


Thank you TradeLog, you saved my life. I had 4800 transactions that would have taken me 2 weeks to sort through. Using your product, I was able to complete my Schedule D in 15-20 minutes. Thanks again! Well worth the price.

— S. Johnson


I just wanted to say how much TradeLog has made my life easier. In 2004 I was audited by the IRS because I didn't provide enough detail on my Schedule D to satisfy the IRS. My own trading log (I created with Excel) did not account for wash sales and if I made any data entry errors, my Excel records wouldn't match what Schwab sent the IRS on a 1099 form.

When I got the audit papers, I was really in trouble....I couldn't give them what they wanted. After a couple of days of trying to get the info from my trading log, I decided to Goggle "wash sales" and I found your website. Within a couple of hours, I had ordered TradeLog.

The reason was your TUTORIAL!!! It sold me! It explained, in detail, how I could use TradeLog to get the trade data from Schwab and satisfy the IRS. What a simple solution to my problem. I can't stress to you enough how much your tutorial convinced me that TradeLog was my solution; there were other websites offering their products, but I had to look no further.

I have told several other traders that I know about TradeLog. You guys are the best!

— B. Huestis


I was one of the original three founders and served as vice-president of Creative Solutions, Inc. for a decade during the 80's (tax and accounting software for professional accounting practices, acquired by Thomson Corp in the mid-90's, now http://cs.thomsonreuters.com/ ), so I recognize good software and service when I see it. Kudos to you and your staff for a great piece of software, and good support responsiveness.

— C.R. Engholm


TradeLog is an absolutely incredible product! I recently became an active trader, and the "wash-sale rule" was becoming a nightmare for my tax return. I tried Ameritrade's "GK" software, and the numbers it reported made no sense at all to me - it reported a gain for 2007 far larger than my actual (net) income from trading.

In a panic, I did some research and learned about TradeLog. I purchased, downloaded, installed and ran the TradeLog software with absolutely no problems - the online help and website operation is outstanding! Ultimately, I was presented with a 100% accurate (to the penny!) gain/loss report for my tax return.

This is completely amazing and impressive to me. Thank you for providing the highest level quality of software and support that I have ever experienced!

— L. Simmons

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I have to say again how great TradeLog is! The Interactive Brokers web import process was a breeze. No errors after importing all months for all accounts! The positions reconciled perfectly, even though I often receive multiple (>10) fills per order. TradeLog knows to treat these as one order (unlike my portfolio management software). I especially like the new 1099 reconciliation feature. I used to do this manually in TradeLog after importing the year's transactions. Now it's quick and simple and I have a report to verify the reconciliation. The 1099 reconciliation process and the Dec 31 or Jan 31 position verification are quick and easy, yet effective in giving me the confidence that all data has been imported correctly and accurately. Thanks for making TradeLog so powerful and easy to use! I will be a customer for along time.

— H. Moore


Fast, accurate, excellent support, handles large volume of trades easily.

— P. Haney


Thank heavens I found your software and will hopefully avoid a painful audit.

— G Kuhn


I love TradeLog Tax software. Couldn't do my taxes without it. I have been using it for four years. I never have to call support. It just works.

— M. Calvert


The TradeLog software helps me tremendously with minimizing my tax related activities. Especially Mark to Market accounting. Great customer support!

— D. Bebber


Excellent software combined with very responsive customer service - easy-to-use and very effective for complex purposes -- simple and affordable

— P. Slavin


I purchased and used the software last year for my option trading and it's great. Auto wash-sales calc and great reporting tools. Love the software.

— J. Kruger


I have to say that your TradeLog software is amazing. I purchased your product last Sunday. By Tuesday morning I had balanced two very involved and detailed accounts. Last year my accountant charged me $1,500 for this work. I have to say that you definitely have a winner here. Even if you aren't an "active" trader, your software can be a godsend.

I will definitely be telling my investor friends about this program. As a former hedge fund manager on Wall Street, these types of tools are always welcomed. Thanks again.

— G. Gratny


You have no idea how helpful this program is, not just for tax affairs but for my trading and money management strategy. Thank you very, very much for an essential product!

— J. DeWinter


Dear David,

It was great to see how quickly, and willingly, you were to help me solve my software issue the other day. As a trader, I would rather spend my time analyzing the markets than worrying about software issues. I have had issues with other software programs recently and none of them gave me the high quality of support that your company did. I feel that the extra money spent for the upgrades and support was worth every cent. I would highly recommend your product to other traders. Thank you,

— A. Virola


I have previously tried 4-5 different money management software packages, all of which required manual data entry. I've found your software to be far more user friendly and because the data is directly downloaded from my broker, I don't have to worry about typing errors. I would guess your software will save me about 30 minutes a day in managing my records -- and I am truly grateful for that. It really is too bad that your product is not more widely known as I think a lot more traders could benefit from using it.

Best wishes for spreading the good word about your very useful software.

— F. Esch


Your product paid for itself in one use for me. I had spent 4 hours importing 298 trades into turbotax. Only to lose all of it upon finishing (Turbotax locked up). Finally I bit the bullet and bought tradelog... After watching the tutorial it took me all of 25 minutes to dump trades from IB - Tradelog - TXTfile - Turbotax. Good trading to you,

— C Bondy


Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the support I have gotten from TradeLog, and how GREAT the software program is.  Hope you all advertise it more to the public so everyone will know it exists.  Again, thanks.

— R. Cox


Your returning feature which indicates how many records we are importing is truly nice on the latest TradeLog. It helps and underscores the exceptional functionality of your program. Thank you. Extend our sincerest thanks to David Eich.

— G. Tzanetatos


Your software has outperformed ms money and quicken for calculating capital gains and losses. It's easy to use and extremely accurate. thx

— G. Lamm


Feeling in control again: I am in awe and shock...
I have accomplished in a little over an hour that which I would have miserably failed in 2 weeks of mental gymnastics trying and failing to match unequal wash sales. And I went back to 2003 for 2 brokerages with 4 data files the biggest being only 123 records. This software also has some great tracking features.

— S. Posey


This is a fantastic program. It will save me many hours vs. the data entry that I was doing on a Lotus spreadsheet. I typically spent 2 to 3 hours every weekend entering the trades for the previous week. The program does it in seconds...and it is accurate to the penny because I checked it.

— D. Belt


Without a doubt, the support you give at TradeLog is among the best.

— D. Johnson


TradeLog solves a very serious problem for me.  I have been spending an hour a day posting my transactions into lotus worksheets to track profit and loss. I started TradeLog last week and in very little time I can produce the analytical and tax reports on about 2000 trades a year. This gives me time for productive purposes and research to find winning trades. The instructions are clear and almost automatic. TradeLog increases my profits by eliminating non productive steps.

— S. Lieberman


Just to let you know, what used to take Candy and I weeks to prep for tax time, now takes us minutes using TradeLog MTM. As you know we are on our third year renewal. Your software is fantastic and worth every penny! All the best

— R. Horwitz


I am using your latest version. It is awesome. Your tutorial is extremely good. Please accept my congratulations for such a powerful product with nice tutorial and support.  Best regards,

— M. Jay


Several years ago, I spent an agonizing month matching up over 1,000 round trip trades from my year end broker’s statement which only listed the individual buys and sells . It was take the time to match those trades, or pay the $60 hourly rate at my accountant’s for them to do it. Their estimate was 12 hours. My actual time was well over 40 hours spread over 30 days. What a nightmare.

Shortly thereafter I heard about TradeLog and how this software would pull the trades from my broker and enter them, match them, and produce a Gains/Losses schedule accepted by the IRS. I couldn’t buy it fast enough!

To my enormous satisfaction, TradeLog did more for me than produce a year-end schedule. It tracked my trades and produced daily reports so I knew exactly what was open, at what price, when I bought or sold short, and the commissions I was paying. Further, with its additional excellent reports, I could finally easily determine my equity curve and my expectancy rates.

Over time, I found myself attempting to place better trades, cutting the losses short, and performing better all around, just so I could watch that equity curve rise. When I would run into problems with my understanding of the software, a quick email was always promptly returned – with a complete explanation.

This software has been an aid to my trading…and a time savings beyond belief.

— D. Stuart


TradeLog is the Holy Grail that facilitates matches flawlessly.

— J. Barrie


January 20,2003

Armen Computing, LTD. Attn: David Eich RE: Chicago Option Traders Education Group (OTEG)

I just wanted to thank you for the chance to download your program and explore all the options. I have to say that I was extremely happy with the final results. My recommendation to the Chicago group will be “everyone needs this program”, it’s well worth the investment!

The program itself only took a few minutes to download and set up for use. I did encounter a few problems in downloading my data with Microsoft Money loaded on my system. Once I deleted Microsoft Money the entire year's data loaded and the first report was run in minutes, matching everything. The software provides all the reports to print out and attach to your final tax documents.

Upon running the performance report the grim reality hit me in the face of just where I was making my trade mistakes and it actually showed me where my trading is profitable according to size and profit. It really makes a difference when you can see a total picture of your trading year.

David, once again I think every trader should have this software! Thank you for the opportunity to preview this software.

— Jim Feilen


I ran TradeLog yesterday for the first time, and within a couple of hours was able to discover all of its features, and use it effectively. I was thrilled to see the literally hundreds of hours it will save me! I was really happy that I did not settle for the shareware or the $39 products that are out there. Your prompt response on a weekend was beyond my expectations, and your e-mail today reiterating the other uses for the software shows a real concern for your customers. A million thanks!

— A. Strasser


I well remember the terror of trying to figure out what I was going to do with 300 pages of trades last year with the end of a tax extension breathing down my neck. I can not imagine a more valuable tool for anyone who makes frequent trades when tax time runs out. Thanks for your support. For that matter, thanks for being there with a product that is a lifesaver! Thanks again.

— D. Finch


Your program works extremely well.. I was able to import all 12,000 transactions from 5 different brokers without a single error! I was really concerned that creating a schedule d would be time consuming and confusing, but your program made it easy... well worth the price... thanks

— W. Van Dyke


I have just received my statement for 2001 trades from Schwab, I had a total of 5070 records for the year totaling over 34 million in trades. Both the buy and sell columns match to the penny on my GTT reports. This thing is great!!!

— K. Campbell


Before trying your program I was struggling with the import functions of many other applications such as xxxx. When I tried TradeLog, I was instantly able to import 4010 trades for 2 brokerage accounts and ran the schedule D report in less than 30 minutes. It's safe to say I was more than impressed. This is the best $ I have spent all year. Keep up the good work,

— K. Boakye


I just bought your program & imported almost 1753 trades in no time at all! I'm a Mac person so this PC stuff is still new to me. Think of all the work you saved me. I was quaking in my boots thinking about that project! Thanx & blessings!

— B. Footer


Your software has been a life saver. I trade the same 8 stocks - 30 trades total a week and 1500 trades in a year. My wash sales are a nightmare as you can imagine. Your software figured the mess out in about 30 minutes for tax year 2001. THANKS

— D. Wahlstrom


All I have to say is WOW!! I love it. You are a genius. It's probably one of the easiest and most efficient programs to use that I've ever encountered. I am just amazed that I was able to print out a "Gains & Losses - Wash Sale Adjusted Report" for the year in literally just a matter of seconds. The program could not be any easier to use. Thanks again.

— M. Mielke

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