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We are proud to be affiliated with GreenTraderTax since 2001. And they are the number one reseller of TradeLog Software - recommending it to all their clients.

When it comes to taxes for active traders and investors, GreenTraderTax is one of the foremost accounting firms. Robert Green, CPA and founder of GreenTraderTax, was instrumental in helping develop the mark-to-market features and reporting contained in TradeLog MTM. Green is an expert in this accounting method and has been helping active traders with this important and often advantageous IRS election for over 30 years.

Why Many Traders Use Professional Accounting Services:

Professional service providers can usually prepare your trader tax reporting in less time and with greater accuracy.

  • Use your time to make more money trading or doing something else you enjoy instead of working on taxes.
  • Reduce your stress and frustration. Because even with the best software solutions, trader taxes are still not easy.
  • Get peace of mind knowing an expert prepared your reporting accurately.

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GreenTraderTax not only recommends TradeLog Software for their clients but is also an Approved Service Provider - their CPAs are experts using TradeLog!

Would you prefer someone else to generate your trader tax reporting using TradeLog? Or perhaps you need complete tax return preparation. Or maybe you require professional consultation about trader tax issues that affect you. GreenTraderTax can provide a service to fit your needs.

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