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version  -  release date: 05/16/2017

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Update History

05/16/2017 – ver

04/12/2017 – ver

  • Taxpayer names - fix to support period after middle initial.
  • Change Ticker - fix option to only rematch affected tickers.
  • File Password - fix password check / reset in new opening code.
  • Open File - only update Pro Header if Accountant RegCode is changed.

04/04/2017 – ver

  • End Tax Year - allow files properly licensed under expired RegCode.
  • Open File - improve logic for checking RegCode before loading file.

04/02/2017 – ver

  • End Tax Year - fix for files previously registered under an old RegCode.
  • Reverse ETY - fix so server logs accurately track reversing end tax year
  • File New - fix to recognize available TaxFiles properly.

03/31/2017 – ver

  • End Tax Year - improve logic for using TaxFiles based on server logs
  • Toolbar - improve spacing for users with lower-resolution screens
  • Account Import - fix bug which was combining file headers
  • BoA/Merrill Lynch - add support for importing fractional share sales, reinvestment shares.
  • Free Trial - fixes for Get Support, file open.

03/16/2017 – ver

  • Free Trial - fixes for Get Support, file open.
  • BoA/Merrill Lynch Import - add support for trade corrections.
  • Open File - fix for changing file registration.

03/08/2017 – ver

  • Weekly Options Import - update to support another weekly option format variation from CBOE.
  • Bank of America (BoA)/Merrill Lynch Import - update to support changes in option format.
  • EULA - update to cover testimonials.
  • Apex Import - update to support change in option ticker format.
  • SpeedTrader Import - update to support new CSV format.
  • Get Support - allow customer to attach XLS, CSV or TXT file (in addition to PDF) if desired.
  • Compatibility - minor changes to improve backward-compatibility.

02/23/2017 – ver

  • Broker Connect - allow date range for MTM imports beyond the end of the year.
  • Year End Check List - add Check List button to toolbar on main form.
  • File Edit - fix so that old TaxFiles remain on their original RegCode.
  • Report Menu - fix Individual/Corporate distinction.
  • File Edit - fix so it properly shows current EIN/SSN setting.
  • Free Trial - fix Splash screen for non-US customers.

02/20/2017 – ver

  • Report PDFs - remove DRAFT watermark from 2016 reports.
  • Baseline Wizard - when the user continues by clicking Restore List, enable the Next button without adding more records.
  • Open File - automatically fix trades with double types by dropping the first one.
  • Import - allow all accounts (cash or MTM) to import up to 10/16 of the next year prior to ending the current tax year.
  • Weekly/monthly options - workaround for CBOE weekly and monthly options which no longer have the correct expiration date in the data stream.

02/02/2017 – ver

  • File Open - allow files with certain errors to be opened.
  • Apex CSV Import - add support for new 2017 format.

01/31/2017 – ver

  • Copyright notice - changed copyright to Cogenta Computing, Inc., 2017

01/30/2017 – ver

  • 8949 Report - simplify warning about Draft before end tax year.
  • Release 2016 version, update Tax Forms - update and release 2016 tax forms.

01/24/2017 – ver

  • Software Update - improve new release detection.
  • 1099 Recon Report - fix option sales adjustment.
  • IB Import - allow Broker Connect date range to cross end of calendar year (e.g. December 31st to January 1st).

01/06/2017 – ver

  • Trial Files - fix bug related to opening trial mode file by a registered user.
  • Get Support - improved security when obtaining user email address.
  • File Save - minor change to make sure trades are always sorted properly at the moment they are saved to a file.
  • Futures - when the user changes the FUT multiplier for a given ticker in Global Options, Tradelog will update existing trades of that ticker and adjust the number of contracts according to the new multiplier.
  • TaxFiles - make sure there is an available license before opening a file created in trial mode.

11/29/2016 – ver

  • TaxFiles - display error message if TaxFile registration fails.
  • MTM - make sure that Pro users have access to all MTM functions.
  • Sample File - limit to 400 records and disable year end, file edit functions.
  • End Tax Year - added support for year end MTM prices remaining in file after Reverse End Tax Year.
  • Reverse End Tax Year - no longer uses a separate BAK file; asks user if MTM records should be kept or not.
  • Pro Users - give warning when opening a Trial file before using a Pro license.
  • TradeStation - add support for security code.
  • Scottrade - fix for CSV import.
  • Exercise/Assign - change user interface; use checkbox instead of yes/no dialog for manual/auto assign.
  • Exercise/Assign - fix bug which allowed TradeLog to crash in certain cases.
  • Exercise/Assign - allow user to permanently skip options as well as stocks.
  • Edit multiple records - automatically rematch trades when certain fields are changed by the user.
  • New BBIOs on Open - trim leading/trailing spaces in the underlying ticker if present.
  • Wash Sales - update to better handle wash sales from short options closed at a loss attached to lone open stock shares short or long.

10/25/2016 – ver

  • Scottrade CSV Import - update to handle changes in upper/lowercase, and to skip expired/assigned options.
  • BoA/Merrill import - update to support new CSV file format.
  • Baseline Wizard import - skip records with blank date.
  • Exercise/Assign - trap records with bad account numbers.
  • End Tax Year - small speed improvement.

10/05/2016 – ver

  • Tradestation brokerConnect import - updated for changes to login page html.
  • Vanguard csv import - updated to support OPRA option symbols.

10/04/2016 – ver

  • 1099 Recon - do not automatically check 'Sales Adjusted for Option Premiums' box when the broker is BOA or Merrill.
  • Stock Split - fix bug for when split ratio is less than 1:1.
  • Sample File - update to work with new beta.
  • End Tax Year - fix bug when user wishes to end the tax year without entering a SSN or EIN.
  • Open File - Check to see if file name matches file header during open; if not, warn user and give him a chance to fix it.
  • Trial User - Fix case of newly-registered trial user with password in file who gets it wrong the first time he opens it using his new RegCode.

09/01/2016 – ver

  • Summary Report - fix bug affecting sold date for long trades.
  • Copy/Paste - fix bug when selecting certain combination of visible-only columns.
  • End Tax Year - ask user to enter SSN/EIN if none.
  • File Edit - make it clear password is optional; improve handling of SSN/EIN/None options.
  • Import Morgan Stanley - add support for Morgan Stanley CSV import.
  • Copy Button - fix bug in toolbar Copy button.
  • BrokerConnect - update Scottrade import to work with latest broker webpage changes.
  • Get Current Prices - Improve function to get stock prices on a specific date and to assign $0.00 to expired options.
  • Renumber Trades - fix for rematching W Recs when the first trade is closed.
  • Get Current Price - update to work with latest internet format.

07/21/2016 – ver

  • Get Current Price - update to work with latest internet price data format.

07/15/2016 – ver

  • End Tax Year - improve matching of W records in NextYear file.
  • Reverse ETY - fix for use with older, unencrypted files.
  • 1099 Recon - improve MTM short sales adjustment to match more closely.

07/06/2016 – ver

  • 1099 Recon - fix MTM short sales adjustment.
  • Insert record - fix to prevent cursor from freezing.
  • G/L Report - enhance Copy by adding line numbers and comments.
  • OFX Import - improve trade matching during OFX imports.
  • File\New - allow user to select TaxYear without code from Support.

06/21/2016 – ver

  • File\Edit - require code from Support to change Tax Year.
  • OFX Import - fix to match existing W records properly.
  • Change ABC Code - fix to prevent cursor freezing.
  • IB Import - fix to prevent freezing if there is a problem with the user's account.
  • Edit \ Adjust Cost Basis - add option to adjust per share as well as per trade.

06/06/2016 – ver

  • Help\Update - fix to prevent freezing when user checks for updates and finds none.
  • Account\Import - fix to work properly when current file is empty.

05/24/2016 – ver

  • G/L and 8949 Reports - fix for short sales closed at a loss last 3 days of previous year not showing on G/L and Form 8949.

05/16/2016 – ver

  • OFX Import - make error messages clearer.
  • Potential Wash Sales Report - fixed additional information links.
  • Charles Schwab Import - modified to handle quoted strings containing commas.
  • Import button - disable import button on All Accounts tab after OFX import.
  • Taxpayer / File names - allow 0 (zero) character in names.
  • Open Positions - users may now type in as-of date and hit ENTER key to accept.
  • Account\Import - added support for importing multi-account files.
  • Negative Shares - improved speed of the negative shares display and the Edit\Force Match function.
  • Lightspeed Import - better import for de-listed stocks.
  • Open\Convert - fix bug: save password during convert.
  • Get Support - update for year-round support use.

04/15/2016 – ver

  • Get Support for this File - allow user to attach 1099 if desired.
  • BaseLine Wizard - prevent errors caused by failing to click Add.
  • Adjust Cost Basis - update to support adjusting multiple rows.

04/12/2016 – ver

  • File Open (Convert) - allow users to re-convert the same file if something goes wrong the first time.
  • MB Trading - update to support new MB Trading CSV import format.
  • Gains/Losses Report - fix to allow report from All Accounts tab.
  • Recon 1099 Report - display warning before fixing 1099 Recon report settings.
  • - set check boxes on 1099 Recon report for known brokers.
  • - fix to reset OptionSales when running report multiple times.
  • MTM/Form 4797 Report - fix to display short-term sales, costs, and gains for MTM.

03/30/2016 – ver

  • Zero Multiplier Error - fix to detect zeros in all types, not just futures.

03/28/2016 – ver

  • Name on Reports - add support for period in name.
  • Account Delete - fix for when the remaining account has no trades.
  • End Tax Year - fix for files which have trades after 1/31 of the next year.

03/23/2016 – ver

  • End Tax Year - allow End Tax Year for TaxFiles which have been previously registered.
  • File Password Reset - added function to reset password of customer file.
  • IB brokerConnect import - updated format of messages returned from IB server when download fails.

03/19/2016 – ver

  • IB brokerConnect import - updated for new IB / TradeLog Service API which does not log in via IB website for trade history downloads - much faster and more secure.
  • Fidelity brokerConnect import - update to wait until report complete before downloading and fix for non_Investment account types.
  • Vanguard Import - improved support for short trades.
  • File, New/Edit - added support for hyphenated names, and numbers, and "&" char.
  • File, Open - fix for converting older files.
  • File, Save - add support for to save when Adding or Editing records.
  • File, End Tax Year - improved matching of W records in next tax year file.
    - fixed EOutOfMemory error when running on very large files.

03/07/2016 – ver

  • File, List TaxFiles - added menu item so users can see list of Taxfiles registered in our back office.
  • File, New - allow creating a file if taxpayer name already exists.
  • File, Open - improved test for encrypted files.
  • File, Open/Convert - allow unlimited conversions for current subscribers.
  • End Tax Year - do not register TaxFile of next year file till ending next tax year.
  • MTM Report - fixed account label on Securities Marked to Market.

03/02/2016 – ver

  • Baseline Positions Wizard - fixed error when there is no records to import for a specific date range.
  • End Tax Year - simplified the way TaxFiles are handled when ending the tax year.
  • 1099 Reconciliation Report - updated notes for reconciliation problmes.

02/29/2016 – ver

  • 1099 Reconciliation report - fix for MTM notes being included when account is not MTM and added note that 1099 gross sales may not ever reconcile.
  • Report close - fixed screen position of main window so it stays in whatever screen the report was run from in a multi-monitor setup.

02/26/2016 – ver

  • End Tax Year - fix bug when ending tax year and new year has no trades in it. Also fixed problem with open Futures in cash accounts.
  • Pro Version - added prompt to use client TaxFile when ending tax year.
  • Get Help - fixed problem with yahoo.com emails not being received by support.

02/24/2016 – ver

  • End Tax Year - fix trade matching in next year file.
  • Open Positions - clear grid after deleting records.

02/21/2016 – ver

  • Tradestation brokerConnect import - streamlined login and updated for changes to web site.
  • Reverse ETY - resets taxfile.
  • Reports - Save as PDF - remove watermark from 2015 PDF.

02/18/2016 – ver

  • End Tax Year - fix handling of TaxFile for new tax year.
  • Non-Pro Version - Do not ask for RegCode, just use the one registered.
  • File, Open - Use hourglass cursor while checking file data version.

02/10/2016 – ver

  • Pro version - updated File, Open / Convert TaxFile registration.
    - Added "List TaxFiles" menu item to File menu.
  • End Tax Year - fix for newly created next year file trade matching bug.
  • Undo - enabled the Undo button for files that have exceeded the subscription record limit.

02/03/2016 – ver

  • File, New - creates encrypted files and registers them automatically.
  • Futures Report - fix for missing EIN/SSN and TaxYear on Futures report
  • EIN/SSN - read/save EIN/SSN from file rather than from Regsitry.

01/29/2016 – ver

  • Finalized 2015 version of form 8949 - allow users to end the 2015 tax year.
  • Add MTM support to TradeLog 1500 - allow TradeLog 1500 users to use MTM accounting methods.
  • Fixed links on splash page - allow users to access online resources.
  • Fix File Conversion issues - fixed bugs related to converting files.
  • Prevent UNDO ETY - disable undo button after end of year is done.

01/19/2016 – ver

  • Trial Users - auto-register TaxFiles when a software license is purchased.
  • Import Account - added ability to import a single account form an unconverted TradeLog file.

01/15/2016 – ver

  • File, Edit - Optional Password - new feature to allow users to password-protect their files.
  • Account Edit - fixed bug when edit is cancelled.
  • Get Help - Send Files - updated so name and email gets pulled from back office.
  • Taxpayer name - updated to handle LLC, III, and II.
  • Name on Reports - update so Taxpayer name is used on all reports rather than registered user name.
  • Edit record ticker - updated so trades get rematched.
  • Etrade brokerConnect import - added code to assure "Log On" button gets clicked.

01/05/2016 – ver

  • File, End Tax Year - update for checking available TaxFiles.
  • ETrade brokerConnect import - update for change in login page html.

01/01/2016 – ver

  • TradeLog Website Unavailable - added warning message and disabled File, Open and File, Convert functions when website is unavailable.

12/23/2015 – ver

  • Send Files - fixed bug for new web site.
  • Account, Delete - fix for ver 14.5 bug when deleting accounts.
  • Conversion bugs - support files which contain quotes in text fields.
  • - save converted files in the same folder as the original.
  • - restore backed up files into the original folder, create folder if does not exist.
  • File, Edit - updated to allow file renaming, and social security/ EIN changes.
  • File, End Tax Year - update for checking available TaxFiles.
  • Notes column - fixed bug when using quote characters in notes.
  • MTM bug - update so new TradeLog unlimited record version includes MTM support.
  • File Open - update for opening files created by a previous RegCode after renewing TradeLog subscription and getting new RegCode.

12/11/2015 – ver

  • Send Files - updated for new web site security.
  • Trial Version Files - fixed problems opening files with registered version when file was created with Trial version.
  • Opening files without converting - updated message to clarify what you can do with an unconverted file.

12/09/2015 – ver

  • File Convert - updated file conversion allowing current subscribers to convert an unlimited number of files without purchasing additional TaxFiles.

12/08/2015 – ver

  • Major Update - see what's new in this major version release.

12/04/2015 – ver

  • Move record - updated to renumber and recheck for errors after moving record up or down.
  • Add record - improved handling of Add when grid is filtered by ticker.
  • Form 8949 report - fix for incorrect 8949 boxes D, E, F in form footer.
  • Form 8949 report - updated TXF export message for tax files after 2012.
  • Baseline Positions Wizard - updated to better support brokers with AutoAssign Shorts turned on.
  • Negative Shares - improved handling of throughout the program.

11/12/2015 – ver

  • New CSV imports - added import filters for ETC Clearing, SpeedTrader (Cor Clearing), and SpeedTrader Pro (ETC Clearing).
  • ETrade brokerConnect import - fixed login to ignore adware scripts.
  • Fidelity brokerConnect import - trap warning message "using social security number as username.".
  • File, End Tax Year - updated matching of next year file.
  • Edit, Cut - updated for speed.
  • Edit, Match Tax Lots - updated so cannot match records with different Tickers, Type/Mult, or Long/Short.
  • Neg Share Warning - updated to find closed trades with negative share records.

10/15/2015 – ver

  • Report, 1099 Reconciliation - fix so wash sales do not change year end short sales for MTM accounts; fix for MTM Futures for MTM accounts.
  • Report, Form 8949 and G&L - fix for ETLFile error bug which crept in in ver

10/14/2015 – ver

  • Edit, Match Tax Lots - update so open records must come before close records when matching lots.
  • Report, Securities MTM - fix so Form 4797 Short-Term Total is correct when short sales are closed at year end.
  • Report, 1099 Reconciliation - fix so wash sales do not change year end short sales for MTM accounts.
  • Report, Realized P&L - fix for running report multiple times from individual account tab.
  • Find, Duplicates - updated for large numbers of duplicates.
  • TDAmeritrade import - updated for AutoAssign Short Options on import only.
  • Fidelity brokerConnect import - fix for new csv download url and added warning message for VIP Access.
  • Scottrade csv import - fix for stripping of zeros from option strike prices.

10/01/2015 – ver

  • File, New - fix for menu item being disabled if End Tax Year has been completed on the file.
  • Adding/Editing records - fix for non standard date windows formats and wrong ticker displayed before saving file to disk.
  • ETrade brokerConnect import - added code to trap errors due to Adware on Etrade login page.
  • Fidelity brokerConnect import - added code to trap error messages from Fildeity web site and display message to user.
  • Account Add/Import - fix for Account Add/Import errors when adding accounts from the All accounts tab.
  • Sec 481 report - fix for hourglass cursor locking out program.
  • Form4797 report - fix for showing all accounts on report header rather than only the MTM accounts, and removed Filter text from report header.
  • Reports - updated for better memory management when running and cancelling reports.
  • Importing - fix for "Cannot Import Trades Past 12/31.." popup when importing into a blank account.
  • G&L report - fix for missing wash sales on short options triggered by options closed later than 01/31 of next tax year, also fixed problem with missing short-term trades when copying reports.

09/10/2015 – ver

  • Check for Stock Descriptions - updated function so when importing it does not check other accounts.
  • Account, Edit - fixed problem where account name changes when editing account tab, and fix for SLConvert so it does not automatically check AutoAssign Shorts.
  • Reports, Copy to Clipboard - updated for speed.
  • Potential Wash Sale report - fix for missing option wash sales attached to open stock trade, and to support multi-page reports.
  • BOA/Merrill import - updated to allow users to check AutoAssign Shorts - default is unchecked.
  • Etrade brokerConnect import - updated to better handle Etrade login error messages.
  • Lightspeed brokerConnect import - updated to trap invalid account errors.
  • optionsHouse import - updated to now use tradeMONSTER import.
  • Scottrade brokerConnect import - updated for changes to login page html.

08/12/2015 – ver

  • End Tax Year - disable menus when End Tax Year has been run on the file.
  • All Trades button - fixed profit/loss bar data.
  • brokerConnect import - fixed hourglass cursor when displaying brokerConnect dialog box.
  • File, Open - fixed problems with profit/loss display and Reports menu filter for the All Accounts tab when first opening file.
  • Neg Shares window - fixed problem when double-clicking on record in neg shares window, and then adding or editing records.

08/08/2015 – ver

  • Check for Neg Shares - updated negative shares check from 4 to 5 decimals.
  • File, End Tax Year - optimized for speed and fixed bug when W recs from previous year need to move forward to next year.
  • BOA/Merrill import - updated for client entered trades.
  • Edit, Delete Selected Records - optimized for speed.
  • Edit, Record(s) - updated to support editing multiple records.
  • Edit, Assign Notes - added Assign Notes function to assign the same notes to multiple records.

07/30/2015 – ver

  • Edit, Delete All Records - updated for speed.
  • Edit, Toggle Short/Long - updated for speed.
  • File, Open - fix for Edit menu not disabled on ALL tab when first opening file.
  • Vanguard import - updated for Dividend Reinvestments.
  • Quick Tour video option - added message to view Quick Tour video when first running TradeLog.
  • Account, Transfer Open Positions - updated to better handle W recs attached to partially open trades.

07/21/2015 – ver

  • Edit, Copy Selected Records - optimized copy selected records for speed.
  • Import - updated check for canceled trades not matched.
  • File, Open - fix to make sure Edit menu is disabled on All Accounts tab after opening file.
  • Neg Share Warning - fix to select record with neg shares after double-clicking on record in Neg Share Warning window, and to keep showing the Warning window.

07/17/2015 – ver

  • Edit, Exercise/Assign - fixed bug when trying to skipping multiple stock records from assignment.
  • Edit, Delete Selected Records - fixed bug when deleting from Error window.

07/15/2015 – ver - Speed Optimization.

  • File, Open - optimized profit/loss calculations when opening file.
  • Add/Insert/Edit/Import - optimized routines to increase speed when dealing with large files.
  • Apex import - added support for mini options.
  • File, End Tax Year - fixed internal error with large data files with large numbers of wash sale deferrals.
  • File, Backup/Restore - misc update.

07/09/2015 – ver

  • File, Backup/Restore - updated routine.
  • File, 1-4 - fixed problem where last four files menu items disappear.
  • BrokerConnect import - fix for "Invalid Account Number" message when cancelling import.
  • Help, Register - fix for when user clicks cancel and TradeLog goes into Trial mode.
    Fix for Windows short date formats other than "mm/dd/yyyy"

  • Edit, Adjust for Stock Split - fix for comma bug when shares to split are in the thousands.
  • Find, Duplicate Trades - updated so it searches the entire file without having to enter a ticker.

06/30/2015 – ver

  • SLConvert / Force Match Trades - fixed problem where commission does not get split properly when splitting trades. For example if 1500 shares needs to be splt into 100 shares and 500 shares, 1/3 of the comm was going to the 1000 share record while 2/3 went to the 500 share record, which should be just the opposite.
  • Goldman Sachs import - update to match and delete cancelled trades, and to recalculate prices rounded to the nearest cent by broker.
  • Charles Schwab import - updated brokerConnect import to better handle missing stock tickers.
  • Trade Detail reports - updated to run faster.
  • Edit, Option Exercise/Assign - fix for multiple W records attached to option trade.
  • Edit, Change Stock Descriptions to Tickers - fix so Exercised options do not show as stock tickers needing to be changed.

06/26/2015 – ver

  • Edit, Force Match Trades - updated to only match filtered or selected records.
  • Edit, Option Exercise/Assign - fix for multiple W records attached to option trade.
  • Edit, Consolidate Partial Fills - updated for single account account files and added popup messages when complete.
  • Edit, Change Stock Descriptions to Tickers - much faster routine to lookup tickers from the web.
  • Fidelity import - updated to better handle cancellation trades, and imports stock descriptions rather than cusips so these can be automatically looked up and changed.
  • Apex Clearing import - updated for new Apex Activity.csv file - see: Apex Clearing Import Guide.
  • BOA/Merril import - fixed bug in ver records are imported with wrong prices.
  • Cobra import - updated to match and delete Cancelled trades, and import Descriptions rather than Cusips.
  • Cor Clearing import - updated to better handle Cancelled trades.
  • tradeMONSTER import - updated to better handle options - delete trailing zeros from option strike prices and do not autoassign shorts for Broad-based index options.
  • Check for Update - check for update on start up only if 8 hours has passed since last check.

06/01/2015 – ver

  • File, Backup/Restore - update so Backup is not disabled after completing a backup so another backup can be performed to a different backup file location.
  • Account, Edit - updated so user entered account name does not change back to filter text.
  • Fidelity brokerConnect import - updated Fidelity brokerConnect Import.
  • BOA/Merrill csv import - update to grab short sale and cover short info from Description2 column, and Fix Trades Out of Order; fixed bug importing trades with prices with commas (ie: $1,020.47).
  • Wash Sales - fix for bug introduced in version for multiple repurchase trades on the same loss trade that need to be changed to Long-Term due to wash sale holding period.
  • Edit, Consolidate Partial Fills - added new function to consolidate partial fills to lessen the total number of records in an account.
  • End Tax Year - fixed problem with large files causing memory errors, and streamlined procedure to speed up the process.

05/07/2015 – ver

  • OptionsHouse import - update to automatically use TradeMONSTER import filter.
  • tradeMONSTER csv import - update to import exercise records.
  • Vanguard csv import - update for missing trades.
  • Edit, Split Trade Record - added new function to split one record into two records.
  • Exercise/Assign - added a Skip button to mark stocks which were not acquired through exercising an option. Update to properly exercise Broad-Based Index Options.

04/23/2015 – ver

  • Exercise/Assign - fixed problem where another option gets exercised when exercising a different option after selecting the stock and option records.

04/17/2015 – ver

  • File, Reverse End Tax Year - renamed menu item as File, Unlock / Reverse End Tax Year.
  • Wash Sales - fix for wash sales on mini options with contract multipliers other than 100 (ie: OPT-10).
  • Exercise/Assign - update to auto exercise most options while allowing user intervention where needed.
  • YYYY-MM-DD Windows short date settings - fix for 1099 Recon and Chart reports.
  • 1099 Reconciliation report - fix to include options marked to market at year end in the MTM adjustment line.
  • TradeKing / QFX import - fix for options that were labeled as Assign rather than buy/sell.
  • Vanguard import - update to include for Reinvested dividends in import, removed brokerConnect support.
  • Wedbush import - added Wedbush import to list of import filters.

04/07/2015 – ver

  • End Tax Year - updated so any error in the data file will prevent End Tax year from completing, and fixed problem with option W records being in shares rather than contracts, and fixed problem with short date formats other than default English US.
  • Interactive Brokers import - update for change in IB flex report for Futures options.
  • Schwab Baseline Wizard import - fix for options importing with wrong commission.
  • tradeMONSTER import - update to include stock assignments (user to decide whether short or long).

04/02/2015 – ver

  • Lighspeed brokerConnect - fixed problem where time stamps are 4 digit numbers.
  • brokerConnect OFX - fixed date error bug when logging into OFX.

03/30/2015 – ver

  • Free Trial - fixed bug where Trial shows as expired before 30 days are up.

03/26/2015 – ver

  • Reg Code check - fixed bug where TradeLog reverts to Trial when user cannot connect to TradeLog web site to verify regcode on startup.
  • Subscription Expire Date - updated expire date for leap years.
  • End Tax Year - fix so ETY is not disabled if some ETY Checklist items are false.
  • tradeMONSTER import - update to filter out exercise and adjustment records.

03/13/2015 – ver

  • 1099 Reconciliation report - removed any mention of Line 2 or Box 2.
  • Option Exercise/Assign - update to better handle scenarios where there are multiple option records for user to manually select from.
  • ETrade brokerConnect import - added warning about adware messing up login.
  • Thinkorswim import - added warning about using TDAmeritrade import filter for files after 2011.
  • tradeMONSTER import - update for weekly options.

03/06/2015 – ver

  • Lightspeed import - fix for latest buy/sell codes.

03/06/2015 – ver

  • Apex/MasterTrader/MBTrading/Penson import - changed AutoAssignShorts to true for stocks.
  • Lightspeed import - fix for csv file format changes - updated time format and option symbol format.

03/05/2015 – ver

  • 1099 Reconciliation report - added numbers to check boxes.
  • Download Latest Update - clear user cache when downloading updates.
  • Cor Clearing / Just2Trade import - fix for missing commissions.
  • ETrade brokerConnect import - updated performance.
  • Lightspeed import - fix for missing OpenSSL windows library on users PCs. Updated user guide for csv file download.

03/03/2015 – ver - CRITICAL UPDATE!

  • Form 8949 report - fixed bug when calculating deferred wash sales introduced in ver on 02/16/2015. Removed red and blue notes on Schedule D sample page as these no longer apply.

  • 1099 Reconciliation report - fix for W records adding to adjustment for Option Sales not reported on 1099.
  • End Tax Year - fixed problems with End Tax Year and IRA accounts.
  • ETrade brokerConnect import - tweaked login connect.
  • Lightspeed import - update for new buy/sell codes, to better handle options, and match and delete cancelled trades.

02/27/2015 – ver

  • Lightspeed import - updated to autoassign shorts and calculate correct commissions.
  • Form8949.pdf - fix to remove summary page.

02/19/2015 – ver

  • Lightspeed import - updated brokerConnect, CSV import, and Apex CSV import.
  • Fidelity import - fix for Account column in csv file.
  • Matching Option Trades - fix for proper matching of non-USD options.
  • 1099 Reconciliation report - do not adjust for open option sales.
  • File, New / Edit - added support for taxpayer names like "O'Connor" and "McDonald".

02/16/2015 – ver

  • Account, Edit - fix for error when selecting import filters that have parenthesis in filter name such as Quicken (QIF).
  • 1099 Reconciliation report - added "Broker Reports Gain/Loss for Short Option Sales" and "Broker Reported options Prior to 2014" check boxes. Fix for ETY not locking out Menu items after running 1099 Recon.
  • Adjust for Stock Split - fixed bug when trades open both long and short.
  • ETrade brokerConnect login - fixed problem with insight.adsrvr.org causing login to hang.
  • Lightspeed import - PRELIMINARY brokerConnect and csv import filters for new Lightspeed/TradeLog API.
  • Trial mode bug - fixed bug where user installed Trial version over registered version forcing TradeLog into Trial mode.
  • Form 8949 - fix to remove "draft" from pdf file; corrected tax year on Statement of Differences page.
  • TXF file - added warning popup about using TXF file to file taxes with TurboTax.

02/05/2015 – ver

  • 2014 Final Tax Version - updated 1099 Reconciliation and Form 8949 reports.