5. Analyze your data

Use TradeLog tools to analyze your trade data:
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  • Please see Lesson D-3: Running Reports in our Online Tutorial for a video discussion of how to use this function in TradeLog.
TradeLog software provides a variety of reports that can be run in order to analyze your trading activity over the past tax year.
  • You can see the profit and loss for any specific trade by double-clicking on any cell in that record. (See: Profit and Loss)
  • Run a Wash Sale Detail report to see any wash sales that are being deferred to the next year. (See: Wash Sale Detail Report)
  • Run the Gains & Loss report to see wash sale adjustments made through out the year, your actual Gain and Loss, wash sales deferrals, and taxable Gain and Loss. A specific date range can be selected to analyze your data throughout the year. (See: Gains & Losses Report)
  • Use various charts and graphs to analyze your trading performance or equity curve. (See: Chart Reports)
Please see Running Reports in the Comprehensive User Guide for more details.
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