Bank of America

Bank of America Import Instructions:
  • Bank of America Investment Services - their online trade history report has been shown to be very quirky and requires a lot of patience, especially if you have lots of trades that span multiple pages. They are aware of the problem and are working on a solution as of 04/15/2009.
  • In their trade history reports Bank of America uses option symbols for option trades rather than option descriptions. Therefore, when manually entering your open option positions from last tax year, you must enter them using the proper option symbol so that TradeLog can properly match them with the closing positions upon import.
  • The new Bank of America web site provides trade history for the last 18 months.
  • The new Bank of America web site uses ticker symbols while the older Quick and Reilly web site uses stock descriptions. Therefore when merging the two formats into one TradeLog data file you must change all the open positions stock descriptions from Quick and Reilly into ticker symbols.  The Edit, Change Ticker function can help with this.
Bank of America Investment Services, Inc.
General Procedure:
  1. Log in to the web site account and click on Account Info and History
  2. Select a Time Period for your report and click the Display History button
  3. Your report will be displayed as follows:
  4. Use Edit, Select All (Ctrl-A shortcut) to select the entire page.
    ... or ...
    Use your mouse to select the report table.
    Please make sure you select the field name header line.
    For tips on selecting a report table with your mouse see: Selecting a report table with your mouse
  5. Copy the report data to the Windows clipboard
    Edit, Copy or Ctrl-C shortcut.
  6. Run TradeLog
  7. Click on the BOA Imp speed button
  8. Your trades will now all be imported and properly matched.
  9. BOA breaks the report into 100 trades per page. Repeat this process for each additional page of trades.