User Guide


Changing Stock Descriptions to Ticker Symbols

A few brokers use stock descriptions when identifying stocks or options, and these must be changed to the underlying stock ticker symbol.
TradeLog has standardized all options trade reporting across all brokerages that we support using what we call the Tradelog long option format.
Example: DELL DEC07 30 CALL - This format identifies this option as an option on DELL and can easily be matched with any DELL stock trades as well as any other DELL options trades for wash sale purposes. It also clearly identifies everything about this option to the user, unlike the cryptic option ticker symbol. See our Online Tax Topic: Gathering Trade History From Your Online Broker.
  • Click Edit, Change Stock Descr to Ticker Symbol
  • A popup box will ask you to confirm that this is what you want to do.
  • Another popup box will ask  if you want to do this for ALL option trades, or just for those isolated in the grid.
  • TradeLog will then go out to the web to try to look up the stock description to find a matching ticker symbol and the following dialog box will allow you to select the appropriate ticker symbol from a list of potential matches.
  • If none of them match you can edit the stock description in the box and search again.
    If you still receive no results you may enter the symbol in the field at the bottom of the dialog box.
  • Click the OK button to process your change and the routine will move to the next option that needs to be changed.
  • Please remember to click OK when the box pops up asking you to save your changes.