Finding Compatible Trade History Reports

While online brokers generally supply their clients with a variety of transaction history reports, only one or two of these reports will contain all the necessary information required for proper trade matching in TradeLog. Users must locate and import reports that are compatible with the software.
To find compatible trade history reports:
  2. Locate your online broker in the Broker Import Support Table for Stocks and Options or the Online Broker Import Support Table for Futures.
  3. Click on the link for your online broker to access detailed instructions regarding how to find compatible reports on your broker's web site.
If you wish to import your trade history reports from a broker that is not listed on our Broker Import Support page, contact your broker to find out what format your reports can be received in.  TradeLog supports imports from Excel-Text, and Quicken (QIF) file formats. If you can receive your trade history reports from your broker in one of these formats, you should be able to import your trades.
Many brokerage firms do not generate trade history reports, but provide their clients with direct access to their clearing firm's web site to collect trade data. For example, CyberTrader® sends their clients directly to the Penson Financial web site.  Check with your broker. If they use one of our supported clearing firms, then there is a very good chance that you will be able to import your trades into TradeLog.