User Guide


E-File Using  TurboTax®

We recommend using the Form 8453 method for e-filing with TurboTax®. That method has had best results for accuracy, especially on more complex reporting. Click here to view instructions for the Form 8453 method with TurboTax®.
The TXF import method has limitations and can only be used if:
  • Using TurboTax® CD/Download versions (desktop applications) - Online versions do NOT support TXF importing!
  • There are less than 2,000 records or line items (it may be possible to import up to 2,500 records).
  • There is no negative cost basis adjustment line on Form 8949.
Review your TradeLog data file and the Form 8949 report generated. If any of these limitations apply, you will need to use Form 8453 method to e-file or choose another method for filing - for more information about these limitations see our topic on Common e-File Problems.
If none of the above restrictions apply, please click here to continue on to the TurboTax® TXF Export instructions.