User Guide


Editing a Trade

To manually edit a single trade record in a data file:
  • Select the record to edit by single-left-clicking on any cell in the record.
  • Click Edit, Edit Single Record (or use the <F2> shortcut key).
  • To open a cell in a record for editing, click on the cell. The current data will be highlighted.
  • Edit the data in the cell as necessary.
  • A calendar function is provided for the Date column. Dropdown menus are provided for the Time, O/C, L/S, and Type/Mult columns. If desired, use these features to edit data in cells in these columns.
  • To save all editing changes, hit the <Enter> key twice.
  • A Confirm popup window will appear, asking "Save your changes?" Click YES to save, NO to cancel.
  • If you selected YES, TradeLog will resort and rematch your trades.