User Guide


Entering Baseline Positions

Entering baseline positions is a very critical part of using TradeLog as outlined in Step 2 of the Getting Started Guide.
To enter a baseline position:
  • Go to Add, Enter Baseline Position or use the keyboard shortcut F7 key.
  • TradeLog will convert to Entering Baseline Positions mode, as indicated by the status bar at the bottom of the window.
  • A new record will be created on the screen. Enter the details of the baseline position. (See Entering Baseline Positions for more details)
  • When finished entering the record, press the Enter key twice on your keyboard. TradeLog will prompt "Save Records"? Click Yes.
  • TradeLog will now prompt if you want to Enter another open position? Click Yes to continue entering baselines, click No to stop and leave the Entering Baseline Positions mode.
  • To exit the Entering Baseline Positions mode without saving the current record, hit the Esc key at anytime.