TaxACT® Online Deluxe

Follow the steps below to enter your TradeLog generated gain/loss totals into TaxACT® Online Deluxe version:
  1. Generate and print the Schedule D-1 in TradeLog (or you may alternatively use the Gains & Losses report). See IRS Schedule D-1 - for filing with Taxes or Gains and Losses Report - for filing with Taxes for detailed istructions.
  2. Open your web browser and navigate to your TaxACT® 2009 Online Deluxe account.
  3. From the Q&A main menu, select the Federal Q&A tab.
  4. Expand the Investment Income menu option, then select Gain or loss on the sale of  investments, then select Enter totals from a statement of Schedule D transactions you will attach to your return
  5. Check the box to elect to attach a statement of Schedule D transaction. Then enter the totals from your TradeLog generated D-1 or Gains & Losses report in the respective boxes, then click Continue.
    The totals are found at the end of each section of the D-1 or the Gains & Losses report as shown below:
  6. The next page displays a summary of what you have entered. Verify you entered the totals correctly, then click Continue.
  7. When you have completed your entire return you will have two options:
        (1) If you chose to print and mail your return, simply attach the D-1 or Gains & Losses report from TradeLog and mail with your      return.
        (2) If you chose to E-File your return, TaxACT will generate form 8453. Attached your D-1 or Gains & Losses report from                TradeLog to form 8453 and mail this in - this is support documentation for the IRS