User Guide


ERROR:  Could not connect to TradeLog web site

To function properly, TradeLog requires that a user be connected to the internet. When the program is loaded, it automatically attempts to access our registration server via the internet to confirm registration data and to check for program updates. If a user's computer has an unstable connection or high security settings or firewalls that conflict with this process, then you may have difficulty registering the program and using certain features that require internet access, such as the Expire Options function. This error is generally caused by:
  • Firewall software
    If you have firewall software on your computer (such as ZoneAlarm), you must configure it to allow the TradeLog software to have full access to the internet. Contact your firewall software vendor for assistance. Please note that certain operating systems (such as Windows XP) come with built-in firewall security programs. Check your built-in firewall security settings and edit, if necessary.
  • Router software
    If you have a cable or DSL modem connected to a router, your router configuration might be blocking TradeLog from accessing the internet. Contact the personnel that set up your router and ask for assistance.
  • Satellite connection
    If you are using a satellite connection, contact your vendor regarding any security software installed.
  • Internet security software
    Check the configuration of any internet security software installed on your computer. Edit settings as necessary to allow TradeLog to access the internet.
  • Operating system security settings
    Check the security settings for your operating system. Edit settings as necessary to allow TradeLog to access the internet.
NOTE: We will do our best to help users who are receiving this error message to resolve the issue, but ultimately it is the user's responsibility to configure their computer security settings to allow uninhibited internet access. Please note that we cannot possibly support all third party hardware and software such as those items mentioned above.