ERROR:  List index out of bounds

This error often appears when users are attempting to import trade history from an Excel or text file and have not copied their trade history to the Windows clipboard prior to hitting the Excel-Text Imp button.
To resolve this error:
  1. Open the Excel or text file you wish to import from.
  2. Select the records in the file to be imported. Left-click and drag your mouse to select specific records. Click Edit, Select All to select all records for importing.
  3. Copy the selected records to the Windows Clipboard. Click Edit, Copy from the main menu or single-right click with the mouse to pull up the Edit menu and select Copy.
  4. Open the TradeLog data file that will receive the trades.
  5. Select the appropriate import filter. Click Options, Import Filter, Excel-Text.
  6. The Import toolbar button will now read "Excel-Text Imp". Click this button to import your trades.
  7. Follow the prompts to start the import and save all imported records.
This error may also appear when a user attempts to import invalid data from a broker trade history report into a data file. TradeLog cannot recognize the format and generates an error message. Review your broker trade history report carefully to identify any special characters or erroneous data that may have been imported. Edit any errant transactions as necessary and see if the error is resolved.
If you need assistance, please submit an Online Support Request. Attach the data file you are working on to the support request email.