User Guide


Import from a CSV file

General Procedure:
Note: Although this report includes option expiration and assignment records, there is no indication as to whether these are a sale or purchase and therefore cannot be imported into TradeLog. So after importing option trades you should click the Open button on the toolbar and then click the Expire Options button to expire these manually.
  • Go to the E*TRADE website, log into your account, and click on the Accounts tab and then click on Transactions History.
  • From the Transactions tab select Custom Time Period from the drop down box, enter the correct From and To dates, and click the Search button.
  • After the report loads, click the Download icon.
  • Make sure the date range is correct, and select Spreadsheet Format including Microsoft Excel Details and click the Download button to begin downloading the Excel csv file.
    Note: If the csv file opens in your web browser, or opens in Microsoft Excel, rather than receiving a prompt to download and save, then there is likely a problem with your Windows file associations for csv files. For instructions on how to fix this click here
  • A Save As dialog box will appear - click the Save button.
    - make sure you save this to your "documents\tradeLog\import" folder on your hard drive.
    NOTE:  You may open the file with Excel if you wish, but it is not necessary for importing into TradeLog.  But please do NOT save it using Excel as doing so will change the formatting from plain text to binary which cannot be read by TradeLog.
  • Run TradeLog
  • Click on the ETrade Imp toolbar button.
  • Click NO to import from the ETrade Excel file
    Note: If you already selected a default method of importing when creating your file, this box will not appear. Please move on to the next step.
    See: Selecting a Broker Import Filter.
  • An E*TRADE Import dialog box appears.
    Select the appropriate csv file and click the "Open" button.
  • All of your trades will be automatically imported and matched.
NOTE: ETrade cancelled and corrected trades:
The ETrade yearly transactions report is not always consistent in how they report cancelled or corrected trades. TradeLog does it's best to try to match these and delete them upon import, but sometimes this simply cannot be done automatically.
When this happens we leave the decision making process up to the user by flagging these transaction with an "X" in the TradeLog open/close column.
You must then decide the following for each transaction marked with an X:
  • If this transaction is canceling another buy or sell transaction and therefore both the trade marked with an X as well as the matching trade should be deleted.
  • Or whether this transaction has no match and should simply be deleted.
  • Or whether this is a corrections trade and should be imported as a valid buy or sell. If so you should change the X in the open/close column to an O or C.
  • Or whether this is a valid sale transaction where the price is so low that the commission causes the amount to be negative rather than positive. If so you should change the X in the open/close column to an O or C.