End the tax year - One brokerage account

TradeLog provides an End Tax Year procedure that performs the following accounting functions:
  1. Automatically creates a new data file for the next tax year with the same name as the current tax year data file. For example, "2010 Fidelity.tdf" would generate a file for the following year named "2011 Fidelity.tdf".
  2. Moves forward all year end open positions from the current year data file into the new tax year data file.
  3. Moves forward all January trades from the current year data file into the new tax year data file.
  4. Generates wash sales and moves forward any wash sales that are deferred into the new tax years data file.
MTM Users – Please proceed to the detailed instructions found at this link: End the Tax Year for MTM Users
Running the End Tax Year Function:
  1. Click ALL
  2. Click File, End Tax Year / Create Next Tax Year Data File
  3. TradeLog will prompt you to confirm that you have imported your January trades. Again, please make sure that you have imported a full 13 months worth of data prior to running this function (January 1 through January 31 of the next tax year).
    Click Yes if you have already done so or No if this needs to be done.
  4. TradeLog will tell you that the Next Tax Year data file has been prepared and the new name of this file. This new file will be located in the same folder as your current file - which is by default the MyDocuments/tradelog folder of your hard drive.
    Click OK
You are now ready for step 7: Run the G/L report