User Guide


Finding Duplicate Trades

Duplicate trade records in a data file are often caused by corrective adjustments on broker trade history reports, or from users importing the same trade data more than once. As duplicate trade records can conflict with proper trade-matching, cause "negative share" errors, and skew profit and loss totals, they should be deleted from the data file.
To find and display all duplicate trades in the grid:
  • Click Find, Duplicate Trades.
  • The Find Ticker popup window will appear. In the field provided, type in the ticker description to search for duplicates. 
  • Click OK.
  • If your data file does not contain any duplicate trades, a popup window will appear, stating "No duplicates found for this ticker". Click OK. The grid will now refresh and display all imported trades.
  • If your data file contains duplicates, the resulting grid will display these trades. Edit as necessary.
To refresh the grid with all trades in your data file, click the All Trades button on the toolbar.