User Guide


Force Match Trades

When your broker trade history is difficult to match, this is the one click solution!
CAUTION! This is a powerful tool that can drastically change your data file. Before using this function, we strongly recommended contacting Support to make sure that it is absolutely necessary to initiate in your data file.!
  • DO NOT use this function to correct trade mismatches or negative share errors unless directed. In some cases a filter adjustment in the import or a combination of other functions are better suited to fix the problem.
- See ERROR: Negative Shares. Trade mismatches must be fixed using the other available Edit functions such as Adjust for Stock Split or Toggle Short/Long Long/Short.
Only the following conditions may warrant the use of this function:
  • Your broker trade history data is out of proper order of execution and does not include time of day. Sells come before buys, buys to cover come before short sales, sales are mislabeled as short, etc.
  • You have a large number of corrections due to brokerage "fixing" a trade execution."  Most of the time this manual override does NOT get properly reflected in the trade history report.
  • You did simple sum of all your buys and all your sells for a specific stock and you bought and sold the same amount of shares, yet they were not reported in any particular order as described above.
  • You have a special election that allows you to "box trade" on one or more securities. This strategy allows the broker to split or open an trade to offset any negative balance of shares or contracts.

    (Example: A trader purchases 500 total shares long of AAPL and opts to sell 800 shares. For this trade, the broker will close the original 500 shares long and open an additional trade at 300 shares short.)
If any or all of these conditions apply, then "force matching" your trades may be the simple solution rather than spending hours trying to move things around.
To force match only a selected security or group of trades:
  • First identify the trades to force match then select the group of trades (see Selecting Trades).
  • Run the Edit, Force Match Trades function.
  • The trades you selected are now matched and a proper P&L should have been calculated based on what you bought and sold for those trades.
To force match your entire TradeLog data file, please perform the following steps:
  • Run the Edit, Force Match Trades function.
  • All of your trades are now matched and a proper P&L should have been calculated based on what you bought and sold in this data file.

    Please see our topic on verifying open positions to ensure proper trade matching.