TaxACT® 2009 Deluxe Edition

Follow the steps below to import your TradeLog generated CSV file into TaxACT® 2009 Deluxe Edition (this is the desktop software version):
  1. Run TaxACT® 2009 Deluxe Edition.
  2. From the Q&A main menu, select the Federal Q&A tab.
  3. Expand the Investment Income menu option, then select Gain or loss on the sale of  investments.
  4. Select Import from a brokerage provider or TradeLog via a CSV file option.
  5. Answer Yes when prompted.
  6. Click the Browse button.
  7. Navigate to and select the appropriate CSV file you saved in your computer. The default location is  c:\my_documents\tradelog\reports.
  8. Once you have selected the appropriate CSV file for import, click the Open button.
  9. TaxACT® will attempt to indentify the column header data in the file as shown in the image below. If the correct line is flagged with an 'H' then click Next to continue.
  10. Next TaxACT® will attempt to indentify lines in the file that contain totals or similar data. The first line in the list, as well as the last two should be flagged with a 'T' as shown in the images below. If the correct lines are flagged with a 'T' then click Next to continue.
  11. Click OK when prompted.
  12. TaxACT® will list all data found in the CSV file, click Select All then click Finish to complete the data import.
  13. TaxACT® will import the data and confirm with a succesfull dialog box. Click OK.
  14. To verify the import, open the Schedule D form, click on Forms.
  15. Next click on Federal Schedule D - Capital Gains and Losses
  16. This form should contain data in both the short-term (Part I) and long-term (Part II) sections.  Please verify that the totals for both sections on the Schedule D match the totals on your TradeLog Gains and Losses report.
      Part I: Line 3: Total short-term sales price amounts.
      Line 7: Net short-term capital gain (or loss).
      Part II:
      Line 10: Total long-term sales price amounts.
      Line 15: Net long-term capital gain (or loss).
NOTE: TaxACT® rounds transactions to the nearest dollar, therefore there may be a small discrepancy in comparing totals from TaxACT® and TradeLog.
See our FAQ on Filing your Taxes