TaxACT® Online Deluxe

Follow the steps below to import your TradeLog generated CSV file into TaxACT® Online Deluxe version:
  1. Open your web browser and navigate to your TaxACT® 2009 Online Deluxe account.
  2. From the Q&A main menu, select the Federal Q&A tab.
  3. Expand the Investment Income menu option, then select Gain or loss on the sale of  investments.
  4. Select Import from a brokerage provider or TradeLog via a CSV file option.
  5. Click on Import CSV File
  6. Click the Browse button.
  7. Navigate to and select the appropriate CSV file you saved in your computer. The default location is  c:\my_documents\tradelog\reports.
  8. Once you have selected the appropriate CSV file for import, click the Open button.
  9. Next click Continue to begin upload and import process.
  10. TaxACT® will attempt to indentify the column header data in the file as shown in the images below. Make sure that the header data is identified correclty, the click Next.
  11. Next TaxACT® will prompt you to select which rows of data will be imported. By clicking the check box at the top of the Import column you can select all rows - typically the easiest method.
  12. Click OK when prompted.
  13. All rows should now be selected, click Next to continue.
  14. TaxACT® will now allow you to chose the owner of the data, if neccesary. Click Next to continue.
  15. TaxACT® will list all data found in the CSV file, click Import to complete the data import.
  16. Click Close when finished.
  17. To review the import result click on Income under the Federal Q&A tab.
  18. The total listed under Capital Gains & Losses should reflect the total gain or loss reflected in TradeLog (in addition to any other capital gains or losses you have already entered into TaxACT). Once you complete your online filing you can confirm your short-term and long-term capital gains and losses on the Schedule D form.
    NOTE: TaxACT® rounds transactions to the nearest dollar, therefore there may be a small discrepancy in comparing totals from TaxACT® and TradeLog.
See our FAQ on Filing your Taxes