User Guide


Web Import

Certain anti-virus software such as Webroot anti-virus may interfere with Web import's ability to copy the trade hsitory from the windows clipboard. See Common Problems: Internet Connection
General Procedure:
  • Log in to your Interactive Brokers account using your User Name and Password.
  • Select ReportsActivity, followed by Third-Party Downloads
  • Select Custom Date Range from the Period drop down dialog box.
        Select TradeLog from the Format drop down box.
        Select From and To dates (maximum spread of 365 days).
         Click the View/Download button.
  • Select the entire report using your web browser's Edit, Select All (Ctrl-A keyboard shortcut) command.
    Then Copy the selected report using your web browser's Edit, Copy (Ctrl-C keyboard shortcut) command.
    (You may also use your right mouse click Select All command followed by the right mouse click Copy command).
    The data is now on the Windows clipboard (an imaginary storage location for copied windows data).
  • Run TradeLog.
  • Click the IB Imp button.
    A popup dialog box will ask whether you want to import using brokerConnect or to import from the Web. Click NO to import from the Web.
    Note: If you already selected a default method of importing when creating your file, this box will not appear. Please move on to the next step.
  • Your trades will be automatically imported and matched.