User Guide


Internet Connection

Like any other Microsoft Windows application, TradeLog sometimes runs into issues caused by Windows security settings. Third party software such as an anti-virus or a firewall programs can also interfere with normal TradeLog functions.
There are certain situations in which TradeLog needs access to the internet:
1. When you launch the program in order to verify your license.
2. To check for software updates and, if any, to download and install them.
3. To import trade data from your broker.
4. To request help from TradeLog customer support.
Advice: If you begin experiencing problems with any of these TradeLog functions - particularly if they used to work in the past - the first thing you should try is to restart your computer. You should also take note of anything which was changed or installed since the last time TradeLog worked properly - even if you don't think it would affect internet access.
What are some things that can interfere with these normal TradeLog functions?
1. Anti-virus Software - certain anti-virus software is known to cause problems with functions you wouldn't normally associate with viruses.
For example, the Webroot anti-virus program has been known to interfere with basic copy and paste functions which are used for some broker imports like Interactive Brokers. To read what Webroot has posted about this, see:
Another common problem occurs when users install more than one anti-virus program. This can cause conflicts which make your anti-virus protection less effective or even not effective at all. Having more than one anti-virus program can also cause slow-downs and possibly make your computer less stable or even lock it up. For more information, please follow this link:
We will post additional warnings here as we become aware of them.
2. Software Firewalls - these programs are designed to block certain internet communications, some of which are used by TradeLog.
Normally, Windows Firewall will not cause any problems with TradeLog, but if you need to change your settings to specifically allow TradeLog to communicate through the Windows Firewall you can do so by following these instructions from Microsoft:
Additionally, many Windows tech sites recommend against installing a 3rd party firewall, as the built-in Windows firewall is more than sufficient to protect most PC's. To learn more about this please do a search on " 3rd party windows firewalls necessary?"
Another common software firewall which has been known to cause problems at times is the Norton/ Symantec Firewall. According to the Norton Community, it appears that the only way to disable this software is to uninstall it.
NOTE: Norton/ Symantec Anti-Virus is not the same as Firewall; Anti-Virus is not known to cause any problems as long as you only use one anti-virus program at a time.
3. Hardware Firewalls - these are often built into a modem or a router. Specific instructions on how to change the settings of these devices varies by manufacturer and by model; if you think this is the cause of your problems, please consult the manual for your specific device.
4. Corporate/University Networks - most corporate and university networks have additional firewall security which usually prevent TradeLog from accessing the Internet. We suggest you do not run TradeLog on a corporate or university network.