Clearing Trade Report

General Procedure:
  1. Log in your account at the Lightspeed website at:
  2. Click on the Trading  tab, then select Clearing, then select Trades.
    Once Trades is selected, the trader will be provided with the prior day's trades.
    If the trader did not have activity or would like to export a prior date, the page will be blank with a message stating "No Content Found", then they must use the arrows next to the date on the right side of the navigation bar. The Confirm for the requested date will be retrieved.
  3. Under the date field on the right side of the navigation bar, select VIEW ALL
  4. Use Edit, Select All (Ctrl-A shortcut) to select the entire page .
    (Note: It has been reported that Lightspeed has disabled the ability to copy the entire page. So if this does not work, please use your mouse to select the table.)
    Use your mouse to select the report table. 
    Please make sure you select the field name header line.
    For tips on selecting a report table with your mouse see: Selecting a report table with your mouse
  5. Copy the report data using your web browsers Edit, Copy  command (Ctrl-C keyboard shortcut).
  6. Run TradeLog.
  7. Click on the Lightspeed Imp button and the trades will be automatically imported and matched.