User Guide


Lightspeed Apex CSV Import

  • This import is only for trade history up to Nov 4, 2014.
  • For trade history from Nov 5, 2014 forward, please use our brokerConnect import method.
General Procedure:
1. Log on to the Lightspeed.com web site and select My Account and Apex Online.
2. Under Account Information select the option for Trade Activity
3. Enter a From and To date range for your report (up to Nov 4, 2014) and click the Go button.
4. After your Trade History report displays in your web browser, please make sure that you have the right report by verifying that your report contains the following columns:
Account Type | Trade Date | Settle Date | Exec Time | Trade Number | CUSIP/Symbol | ISIN | Description | Buy/Sell | Qy | Price | Principal Amt | Comm | Other Comm | Net Amount | Curr
5. Click on Download Data icon at the top right side of the screen.
Note: This icon does not say "Download Data" but is labeled below for reference:
6. An Export Data window will popup (you may need to enable popup windows for this site in your browser). Select Delimited text file and Comma delimited and then click the Download now button.
7. Click the Save button to begin the download.
8. Make sure you use the Save In drop down dialog box to save your file to your  "documents\TradeLog\import" directory.
9. Run TradeLog.
10. Make sure you have selected the Apex Import filter for this account tab, and click the Apex Imp button on the toolbar.
The Apex Import dialog appears.
11. Select your Apex transaction text file and click on the Open button.
12. Click on the Yes button to confirm your import and save to disk.
Clicking on the No button will cancel the import.