User Guide


Locate Your File From Last Year

Locate Your File If You Used TradeLog for the Previous Tax Year:
TradeLog supports multi-account files. This allows multiple brokerage accounts to be maintained in one tax year data file. To learn more about this format and how to convert individual files to a multi-account file CLICK HERE.
Note: Your current tax year data files should have been created automatically when you ended the tax year from your previous year's data file. If you did not run File, End Tax Year from your previous year's data file: then please stop, find your previous year data file(s) and follow the instructions to End the Tax Year.
  • To locate your TradeLog data files to continue importing trades for your next tax year, click File, Open
  • A pop-up window will appear listing all available TradeLog data files. Click on the data file you wish to update and then click Open
Your data file will open and contain any open positions from the end of the prior year, wash sale deferrals, and January trades of the current year if you were not MTM.
Please proceed to Step 3. Import your Trade History