User Guide



NOTE: These instructions are for nor longer valid - Please use tradeMonster import filter.
General Procedure (OBSLETE):
  • Go to the OptionsHouse web site and log in to your account.

  • Click on Activity on the bottom menu, and click Filter On.

  • Select the date range to download and click Save.

  • Once the data is displayed, click Export.

  • Save the file in the following location: MyDocuments\Tradelog\Import.

    Note: this step varies depending on the settings of your web browser. It is important that the file is saved and not opened for viewing.

  • After the file has been saved, open TradeLog and click on the "Optionshouse Imp" button on the toolbar.

  • TradeLog will prompt you to select the file containing the data you downloaded. The default folder shown is MyDocuments\Tradelog\Import. If you saved your downloaded file to a different location you will need to browse to that location.

    Select the appropriate CSV file then click Open.

  • All of the trades will be imported and automatically matched.