After importing, my positions are incorrectly marked as long or short.

At times, users may find that their short sales are incorrectly marked as long transactions, or their long transactions are incorrectly marked as short.
The most common cause for this is positions carried open from the previous tax year not being manually entered properly.
For example, if you had purchased 1000 shares of MSFT in December of last year and sold them in January of the current year, if you did not manually enter the December purchase, TradeLog may incorrectly import the January sale as a short sale for those brokers who do not flag short sales. (i.e.: You sold something that you did not purchase first).
Before you look at anything else, please verify that ALL of your open positions carried over from last year have been properly entered!
Other common causes include:
  1. Your broker trade history report does not flag short sales.
    If your trade history report does not identify short transactions, confirm that the Options, Auto-Assign Shorts function is activated prior to importing your trades. When activated, as "sells" are imported before "buys" into a data file, TradeLog automatically records each "sell" as "open, short" and each subsequent "buy to cover short" as "close, short". Both transactions are matched and given the same Trade Number.
    NOTE: The Auto-Assign Shorts function will be activated automatically when a broker Import Filter is selected, with the exception of the Excel-Text and Quicken Import Filters. Users importing from Excel, Text and Quicken files must manually activate the function prior to importing.
  2. Your broker trade history report incorrectly recorded a short sale as a long transaction.
    To convert single or multiple transactions from short to long (or vice versa), select the transactions to be edited and click Edit, Toggle Long/Short or Short/Long.
  3. Your trades are not listed in proper order of execution on your trade history report.
If you need assistance in resolving this problem, please submit an Online Support Request and attach the data file you are working on so we can show you how to fix the problem step by step.