Setup file corrupted

After downloading and running the TradeLog setup file you get the message "The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program."
We are seeing this problem more and more frequently since the beginning of 2008, but only with a very small percentage of our users.
New setup file delivery option: Email the file to yourself
In view of the above we have added an option on our download page to email the setup file to your email address. Please go to our Update/Download page, enter your name, email and reg code and use this new email option rather than downloading.
The Cause:
This error message is displayed when the downloaded setup file has the wrong size, or part of the file fails a CRC check. It is not displayed for any other reason. It could be that your internet connection is dropping connections prematurely. No matter how many times you download, you get this same error.
Here are some possible solutions:
  1. Your web browser has cached (stored for quicker access) a copy of the setup file on your computer, and that copy is corrupt. Clear your web browser's cache and download the setup file again. You may also have to reboot your computer.
  2. Try right-clicking the download link and choosing "Save Target As...".
  3. Try saving the setup file to a different location on your hard drive.
We have had a few users with multiple PC's on the same Internet connection that have tried to download from each PC and they all fail to get a good download. But if any one of the PC's is taken to another location with a different Internet connection, such as a coffee shop with wireless access, the same PC was able to download successfully.
So the problem seems to be related to the user's Internet connection and Microsoft's inability to handle a momentary dropped connection. Internet connections are not the most stable thing in the universe and the web browser file download procedure built into Windows/Internet Explorer should be able to handle momentary drops, picking up the download where it left off.
NOTE: Even though you use Firefox or another web browser, Internet Explorer is still part of the Windows operating system and can affect things negatively.
Clearing the Cache:
Click below on the web browser you use for instruction on clearing the cache.
Then, download the setup file again and run it.
If this still does not work, you please download the Free Download Manager program which has advanced file downloading capabilities not found in most web browsers.