User Guide


Confirming 2012 File Accuracy - Continued

You are viewing these instructions because you indicated that you did have losses disallowed from wash sales in 2011. Next you will confirm that your 2012 TradeLog file contains the wash sale deferral positions.
1.) Run TradeLog and open your 2012 tax year data file. If you have more than one 2012 file (because of multiple brokerage accounts), then you can pick one of the files to open for checking.
2.) Once the file is open, click on the View menu and make sure the option is selected to Display Wash Sales.
3.) Scroll down through the data file and look for positions that are marked as W in the O/C column. An example of such a position is shown below.
4.) Since you already confirmed you did have losses disallowed, then you should have at least one W position with a date of 2011 or 2012 in your data file.
Note - if you have multiple brokerage accounts then you may need to check all of the 2012 files until you find at least one W position in one of the files.
  • If you find at least one W position with a date of 2011 or 2012 in your file then you have confirmed that the End Tax Year function worked correctly, you do not need to proceed further. Instead you can now update your software by clicking on the Help menu and select Update.
If you do not find any W positions with a date of 2011 or 2012 in the file then your End Tax Year function failed to generate the 2012 file correctly. Click here to view the next steps for correcting this problem.