User Guide


Options for Fixing Incorrect 2012 Files

If the End Tax Year function failed to properly create the 2012 tax year file, you have several options to fix the problem:
Note - the End Tax Year failure should have no effect on your 2011 tax reporting, it only effected the 2012 file.
Option 1 - Redo the End Tax Year
You may choose to redo the End Tax Year function and create a new 2012 file. This option may best if you have not been keeping your 2012 file up-to-date, or you have not had many edits or adjustments to the 2012 trade history.
To redo your End Tax Year:
1) Close TradeLog completely and then Run TradeLog again. Ignore any prompts to update the software at this time.
2) Open your 2011 tax year file (if you have more than one brokerage account then you should open the combined data file you created for tax reporting).
3) Once the 2011 file is open, go to the File menu, select End Tax Year/ Create Next Tax Year Data File.
4) Answer the questions as prompted by TradeLog. Note - you will be asked if you want to overwrite existing 2012 files, click Yes or OK.
5) Once TradeLog confirms making the closing entries and creating the file, you may choose to verify it again if you like.
6) Now you should update your software by going to the Help menu and selecting Update. Once you have updated you are ready to continue using TradeLog for 2012.
Option 2 - Repair your 2012 Tax Year File
You may choose to repair the 2012 tax year file. This may be the best option if you have been importing data regularly and if you have had to make adjustments for corporate actions, exercised options, matched lots, etc.
We suggest you get technical support for repairing your 2012 file. Our support department will need the following items:
1) Your 2011 TradeLog data file (if you had multiple accounts please send your combined file).
2) Your 2012 TradeLog data file (if you have multiple accounts please send the TradeLog file for each account).
3) Your current TradeLog version number (you can find this in TradeLog by going to the Help menu and selecting About).
4) It would also help us to know the approximate date when you ran your final tax reporting for 2011.
Please click here to go to the online support request form, there you can attach the files and submit your request. We will reply by email with the help you need.