User Guide


Reverse End Tax Year

Once the End Tax Year process has been completed on a data file the file is locked from editing and final tax reporting is available. If you need to unlock the file in order to make an edit or adjustment then Unlock/ Reverse End Tax Year must be run.
Reverse End Tax Year will undo any year end mark-to-market entries made for MTM accounts or for Section 1256 contracts. End Tax Year will need to be run again for proper accounting, after any edits or adjustments are completed.
NOTICE: It is best to Reverse End Tax Year on the same computer used when you ran End Tax Year. If you move a file to another PC and then attempt to Reverse End Tax Year TradeLog may not be able to complete the process because it will be missing the backup file created when you ended the tax year (.bak file). In such a situation TradeLog will ask if you want to force the reverse for editing.
Caution, forcing the year end reverse will require you to do the following:
  • Manually delete any year end mark-to-market records (indicated with a "M" in the O/C column).
  • For cash basis accounts that contain Section 1256 contracts, you will also need to delete any trades after December 31 of the tax year (January of the next year). Then re-import trade history for January of the next tax year. Otherwise your next-year file may be missing some trade history.
To run Reverse End Tax Year:
  • Open the data file for the tax year you are working on.
  • Go to File menu, select Unlock/ Reverse End Tax Year.
  • Confirm you want to proceed, following the program prompts on your screen.