Spear, Leeds & Kellogg

Spear, Leeds & Kellogg Import Instructions:
General Procedure:
  1. Go to the SLK web site and click on Customer Access
  2. Enter your User ID and Password.
  3. Click on Online Reports and then Activity.
  4. Select your account and click the Create Report button.
  5. Select a date range for the report and click the Search button.
    Make sure that the Using: Trade Date radio button is selected. 
    The Trade Activity report will be displayed.
    Please make sure you use the default columns as any change in the columns will result in problems when importing!
If you are importing just one or two pages of trades:
    6. Copy the entire page using the Edit, Select All (Ctrl-A) command
    7. Use the Edit, Copy (Ctrl-C) command to copy the page to the Windows clipboard.
If you are importing more than one or two pages of trades:
    6. Click on the Tools button to display the Download to Excel button.
    7. Click the Download to Excel button and a File Download box will appear.
        Click Save to save the CSV file to your
        "c:\my documents\TradeLog\import" folder on your hard drive.
        Please Note: You do NOT need MS Excel in order to import from this csv file.
8. Run TradeLog
9. Click on the SLK Imp speed button.
10. A pop up dialog box will ask: "Import from SLK web site?"
    Click Yes if you are importing from the clipboard.
    Click No if you are importing from a downloaded CSV text file.
    Select the *.csv file you just downloaded and click the Open button.
11. Your trades will be automatically imported and matched.