Quicken (*.qif) file format

Only a handful of brokers support this format and it is strongly suggested that you use the TradeLog supported broker import filter if available.  There are literally 10 different versions of this format and most leave much to be desired.
Please note that Quicken has discontinued their support of this file format and now uses QFX to import from online brokers, so the qif file format may completely disappear very soon!
Quicken also has a QIF Export feature, so that any account data currently residing in Quicken can easily be exported out and imported into TradeLog using the QuickenQIF import utility.
Please note that the QIF export out of Quicken has proven to be most unreliable when importing into TradeLog. Therefore we do not support this method, and suggest that you import your trade history direct from your online broker and not into Quicken first.