User Guide


Baseline Positions

These are positions held open from the previous tax year that carried forward to the current tax year along with any deferred wash sale losses attached to those positions. When using TradeLog for the first time, baseline positions must be manually entered prior to importing trades for the current tax year.
Entering baseline positions gives TradeLog a 'starting point' for your accounts. As subsequent transactions are imported, TradeLog properly matches closing positions with the positions held open in order to calculate gains and losses. Failure to enter baseline positions before importing will likely result in mismatched trades and negative share errors.
At the end of the tax year TradeLog automatically establishes the baseline positions which are moved forward to the next tax year data file. This process is only done when the user runs the End Tax Year function in TradeLog. After the first year using TradeLog it is not necessary to manually enter baseline positions again for the particular file you are working on.