User Guide


Concept #4: Trade Numbers

TradeLog groups and tracks trade transactions by trade number (TrNum). To benefit active traders who often execute a large volume of transactions for one particular stock and generate many partial fills, the software has been designed to group multiple opening and multiple closing transactions with the same ticker description in a single trade with a specific trade number. Each trade number is either short or long (not both) for one specific ticker (not multiple tickers) only. This not only saves the user from having to manually match individual transactions into tax lots, it also allows the user to analyze profit and loss across an entire trade.
Trade numbers are automatically assigned during the import process and during other edit functions which require trades to be re-matched.
Short sales are imported and matched in a slightly different manner, as they involve a "short sale" and a "buy to cover short." The sale ("sell") transaction should be imported first, as the opening transaction. When the "buy to cover short" is subsequently imported, it will be assigned the same trade number and will be recorded as the closing transaction.
TradeLog offers an Auto-Assign Shorts function in the Options menu that can automatically flag and record short sales during the import process. If you import from a broker that generally doesn't indicate whether your trades are long or short on their reports, this function will be activated automatically when you choose the appropriate broker import filter. For more details regarding this function, please see Auto Assign Shorts.