User Guide


Adjusting Cost Basis Amount

Certain events may require an adjustment to the cost basis of a position. These may include nontaxable stock dividends, nondividend distributions, capital gain allocation, pass through gains/losses and payment in lieu of dividends (for short sales).
The Adjust Cost Basis Amount function in TradeLog allows you to manually make adjustments to the cost basis of a specific trade.
To adjust the cost basis of a trade:
  • Identify the trade that needs to be adjusted. If more than one trade requires adjusting you will need to determine the adjustment amount for each individual trade record in TradeLog as this function only works on one selected record at a time.
  • Select the record to be adjusted.
  • Click on the Edit menu, then select Adjust Cost Basis Amount (or right-click on the trade record and select the same function from the menu that appears).
  • In the adjustment dialog box, enter the amount to adjust the entire trade for and whether to Increase or Decrease the cost basis.
    Then click OK.
  • TradeLog will adjust the per share/contract price proportionally in order to increase or decrease the total amount of the trade by the amount you specified.
  • You will be prompted to save the records, click Yes to save the adjustment.