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Assent LLC

Assent LLC Import Instructions:
Assent LLC  (formerly Andover Trading)
In their trade history reports Assent uses option symbols for option trades rather than option descriptions. Therefore, when manually entering your open option positions from last tax year, you must enter them using the proper option symbol so that TradeLog can properly match them with the closing positions upon import.
General Procedure: 
  • Go to the Andover Trading web site and log in to your account.
  • Select Customer Accounts and Clearance Activity
  • Select your account and enter a date and click the Clearance Activity button:
  • Use Edit, Select All (Ctrl-A shortcut) to select the entire page.
    ... or ...
    Use your mouse to select the report table. Please make sure you select the field name header line.
    For tips on selecting a report table with your mouse see Selecting a report table with your mouse.
  • Copy the report data to the Windows clipboard. Click Edit, Copy or use the <Ctrl-C> shortcut.
  • Run TradeLog.
  • Click on the Assent Imp speed button and the trades will be automatically imported and matched.