User Guide


Using the Auto-Assign Shorts Function

TradeLog offers an option in the Accounts dialog box that automatically flags and records short sales during the import process. For short sales, the "sell" (opening transaction) is executed before the "buy to cover short" (closing transaction). When this function is activated, whenever TradeLog imports a "sell" before a "buy" for a ticker with no shares currently open, the trade will be recorded as short.
When a user imports from a broker report that identifies short sales, TradeLog will record short sales as indicated. When a user chooses the import filter for a supported broker that doesn't flag short sales on trade history reports, the Auto-Assign Shorts function will be activated automatically. During the import process, TradeLog will flag short sales and record them as such in the data file.
Note: There are selected broker imports that are defaulted to use the Auto-Assign short function. These show as (Read Only) in the Account Setup dialog.