User Guide


Bank of America / Merrill Edge

BOA - Merrill Edge Import Instructions:
General Procedure for importing from a downloaded CSV file:
1. Log in to your account on the Merrill Edge web site and click on My Accounts > Download
2. Under (1) Choose Category or Account - select your account.
3. Under (2) Choose Application select Spreadsheets and Text.
4. Under (3) Choose Settings select Activity
- under activity Filters check  Security Transactions and uncheck all the rest.
- use the calendar drop downs to select from and to dates.
5. Under (4) Download select Comma-Separated Spreadsheet (.CSV)
- click each Download button for a CSV file of 3 months of trade history at a time.
6. Save the CSV file to your "my documents/tradelog/import" folder.
7. Run TradeLog
8. Click on the BOA Imp speed button and select the CSV file you just downloaded.
Your trades will now all be imported and properly matched.