User Guide


Changing Tickers

To change one or more ticker symbols or stock/option/future descriptions:
  • Find all trade records with the ticker you wish to change by using the Find, Ticker command.
  • Select all records you wish to change. See instructions for selecting a single record or multiple records or select all records.
  • Click Edit, Change Ticker (or use the F3 keyboard shortcut key).
  • In the Select Ticker field, the current ticker you wish to change should be displayed. If not click the drop down button to select a ticker.
  • In the Enter New Ticker field, enter the ticker symbol you wish to change the selected records to.
  • Click the OK button.
  • A Confirm popup window will appear, asking "Rematch and renumber all trades?".
  • Click YES to rematch, NO to cancel.
  • If you selected YES, TradeLog will change the ticker symbol for all selected trades, and re-sort, re-match and renumber your trades using strict FIFO trade matching.
  • A second Confirm popup window will appear, asking "Save your changes?"
  • Click YES to save, NO to cancel
Note: You can also change select parts of a ticker such as changing part of an option symbol.
Examples: Change "AAPL 21DEC11 230 PUT" to "AAPL 21DEC11 245 PUT" <-- change just the 230 part to 245