User Guide


Changing CUSIP Numbers to Tickers

Some brokers may report securities as a CUSIP number and not provide the associated market ticker for stocks or options. This may be due to a corporate action that changed the ticker, or a bankruptcy or delisting. Some brokers also begin reporting CUSIP numbers only on trade history beyond a particular date.
CUSIP numbers must be changed to the equivalent market ticker symbol in order for TradeLog to properly match trades and calculate wash sales.
TradeLog includes a basic function to attempt to identify the corresponding ticker for CUSIP numbers in your data file. To run this function, go to the Edit menu, select Change CUSIP to Ticker. The software will attempt to look up and change CUSIPS. It will return the result and any CUSIPS that could not be identified.
Exception: Oftentimes bonds are reported as a CUSIP number when they do not have a ticker identifier. Such CUSIPS do not need to be changed.
Note: Some brokers create unique CUSIP numbers in certain scenarios and these cannot be identified in any common database. Such occurrences require you to look up the corresponding ticker in your past statements.