User Guide


Using the Column Grid Filter

Users can activate the Column Grid Filter by clicking the toolbar button shown below.
When the Filter is activated, a down arrow will appear next to each column header in the grid. Each arrow will open a dropdown selection box when clicked with the mouse.
For example, if you want to only display trades with a specific price, a user would:
  • Click the Column Grid Filter toolbar button.
  • Click the down arrow that appears next to the Price column header.
  • Make a selection from the list in the dropdown box.
The Column Grid Filter can be combined with other filters such as the Find, Ticker command, so that a user could isolate all trades for MSFT (for example) that have a Price of  $25.50 per share.
To refresh the grid to the default display (all trades listed by trade number and date of execution), click the All Trades button on the toolbar.